XDL12TT-WE Wireless and GFM

Strong wireless signalling, multi-award-winning Enforcer two-way wireless technology and a whole host of intelligent reliability, security and detection features have all gone into the XDL12TT-WE.

Here we look at the wireless signalling and protocols of the first low-mount outdoor detector from Pyronix, that help deliver a highly reliable and robust outdoor solution.

With Enforcer two-way wireless technology, the XDL12TT-WE has full supervision, anti-jamming and 128-bit wireless protocol encryption, to maximise its reliability and ensure that any signals transmitted by the system are protected and any code-grabbing is prevented.

This technology also provides installation benefits, without the invasive nature of installing wired peripherals. Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) allow the installer to view the wireless transmission signal strength from the XDL12TT-WE, without having to refer back to the panel, while One-Push-To-Learn enables it to be learnt onto the system with a push of a button.

The XDL12TT-WE’s battery life is also extended with Instant Two-Way Device Control (ITDC). Thanks to ITDC, when the system is armed, the XDL12TT-WE is instantly and constantly awake and when the system is disarmed, the XDL12TT-WE sleeps. This setup delivers enhanced security with increased battery life.

In terms of the wireless signal, the high sensitivity receiver of the XDL12TT-WE delivers a wireless signal range of up to 1.6km in open space. This eliminates any need for repeaters and therefore helps reduce installation costs.

Furthermore, the XDL12TT-WE’s high-sensitivity antenna ensures the signals being transmitted and received are as strong as possible. Utilising Gaussian Frequency Modulation (GFM) to spread the signal, while reducing unwanted noise and harmonics, enables the XDL12TT-WE to meet stringent European, ETSI and other worldwide standards.

When it comes to wireless outdoor security, why not deliver the XDL12TT-WE?