Your Summer Security Essentials

The summer is here, and although the weather hasn’t been too promising so far,  people are out and about a lot more – hopefully enjoying  a well-deserved break!

With Pyronix, your customers can rest assured knowing their homes and loved ones are protected whilst out on summer adventures.

Take a look at our list of security essentials that  are ideal for upselling to your customers this summer.



Nobody wants to be cooped up in the car when the sun is shining!

Your customers can get outdoors and leave the car at home knowing it’s secure with the CarDefender.

In the months when customers are less likely to drive, cars are often left at home unattended making them an easy target for thieves. The CarDefender extends the home’s alarm system to shield the vehicle and its contents.

The device comes with a bright yellow strap for visual deterrence and built-in shock and tilt detectors that trigger with any vehicle movement which sends an alert directly to the user’s mobile phone via HomeControl2.0.

The CarDefender is a 2023 British Security Awards winner for innovation. It’s a one-of-a-kind device that’s sure to boost your installation sales.



When people are outside over summer, it can leave homes vulnerable to intruders, but, with the BatteryCam installed, your customers have protection in place that keeps them connected to home 24/7.

Boasting a 130-degree wide-angle view and two-way talk, users can remotely see what’s happening at home and chat with visitors directly from their mobile phones via HomeControl2.0.

The BatteryCam comes with an appealing three-month battery life, so it won’t need to be charged all summer – and, if purchased with its accompanying SolarPanel, the device will soak up all the summer rays without needing to be manually charged at all!

It’s easy to install with no wires and it can be placed indoors or outdoors, so it’s incredibly versatile and a brilliant solution for keeping your customers’ homes safe this summer.



When you’re out in the garden, it can be easy to miss a knock at the door.

Never miss a caller again with the DoorbellCam, our wire-free doorbell camera that provides main-entrance protection with Full HD video, 130° wide-angle view, motion detection, real-time notifications and a push-to-talk function.

Through HomeControl2.0, your customers can be there to direct parcels – handy for those new holiday clothes on order – even when they’re not at home.  Notifications are sent directly to the mobile phone so they are always in control.

Moreover, they can feel safer knowing exactly who is at the door every time before answering it. The DoorbellCam is easy to install and can capture both images and videos for the user to view later on if needed.



Keeping cool in the summer months can be a challenge, especially at night. Putting the fan on can be essential to getting a decent night’s sleep, but leaving the fan on all night, every night can use a lot of energy.

Give your customers a way of automatically controlling their fans (and reducing the electricity bill) in the summer heat – offer them SmartPlugs. The SmartPlug enables users to set automations and scenes, making life more convenient.

Fans, air conditioning units and more can be plugged into the SmartPlug and set up to automatically switch on or off at a specific time, meaning users can drift off with their device on knowing it’ll switch off at a set time, saving them money.


Personal Help Alarm

You can extend your product offering outside of the home with the Personal Help Alarm. Built-in to HomeControl2.0, the Personal Help Alarm is the perfect solution for staying safe  on? summer adventures.

This new feature is a personal safety feature that can be used inside or outside of the home.

It’s really easy to set up, your customer just needs to choose a contact bubble, then, with a press of the SOS button, the alarm is activated. A notification is sent directly to everyone in the bubble and, from there, they’re able to access location data and open the maps app to find directions for quick and efficient assistance.

The feature is completely free; a fantastic complementary offering for your customers.



A multi-layered approach to security is always a winner. Protect the perimeter, as well as the home with our external devices.

One such device that can be relied upon in the unpredictable British weather is the XDL12TT-WE: our outdoors Tri-Signal detector. Its IP55 rating means it can withstand varying weather conditions; plus, it’s got self-adapting features that will match the changing environment. Animals are no concern for this detector with its Dual-vision Pet Immune feature that improves its tolerance to pets.

It’s easy to set up with flexible installation making it an excellent addition to your basket of goods at all times of the year. Help your customers to secure the perimeter.



You can also protect the perimeter with our Grade 2 outdoor contact, the MCEXTERNAL-WE. Suitable for garages, sheds and outbuildings, the device can protect stowed summer garden equipment, golf clubs and any other high-value assets stored outside of the home.


Whether your customers are exploring far-off places or savouring quiet moments at home in the garden, our products allow them to fully embrace the summer without having security concerns. Deliver the ultimate peace of mind with Pyronix.