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Combined, flexible and robust.

Easy to use, the EURO 46 V10 control panel is perfect at the centre of a fully integrated retail security system.

Combining impressive functionality with ease-of-use, it provides robust security through connected Pyronix intrusion peripherals such as indoor or outdoor detectors or sensors. It is also compatible with Hikvision professional CCTVs through the Hikvision video management software, iVMS-4200 or the smart device apps ProControl+ or Hik-Connect.

Hikvision Pyronix cameras include Full-HD IP or Full-HD-Analogue solutions for every installation and security requirement, offering great flexibility with outstanding performance. Pyronix Full-HD IP cameras are also ONVIF compatible, so connecting to existing surveillance systems, expansion and upgrading is simple.

DarkFighter Camera Technology
For external security challenges, even in dark conditions, intruders can still be captured with Hikvision “DarkFighter” camera technology, which provides high quality colour video in near darkness.

Particularly useful at the back of stores, parking areas, behind tills or any vacated areas that need protection, retailers can easily monitor these spaces in real-time, while video verification is delivered via the camera’s pan, tilt and zoom features.

Easy set-up and configuration
Hikvision Pyronix cameras can be configured to your security preference for activating alarms and video footage can be saved or exported to different media with ease.

Installation and set-up of integrated Hikvision Pyronix intrusion and CCTV systems is straightforward and with the inbuilt management system ensuring a truly ‘smart’ operation, the result is an intuitive, easy-to-use, highly effective solution.

2. User-friendly APP with intuitive interface and software

From security to video: ProControl+

ProControl+ is an easy-to-use platform that remotely controls Pyronix intrusion and Hikvision video products - ideal for real-time access to the security status of stores and warehouses.

ProControl+ also makes it simple to switch from control panels to cameras for video verification. Managers can effortlessly view a full system connected to Network Video Recorders (NVR) or Digital Video Recorders (DVR) in a dropdown menu, or an individual camera on a wireless network – all using the same versatile software - iVMS.

Setting the level of access restriction for staff can easily be implemented through iVMS. Store managers can also configure alarms to fully set or partly set the system when the security code is read with the registered time and date – ideal for large application sites.

Should an alarm be triggered, the location of the causal event is immediately identified by detectors.

Video footage can also be quickly and conveniently reviewed to confirm the event or false alarm – locally or remotely.

3. Customise to your needs

Flexible and versatile.

Pyronix detectors and sensors have been developed with multiple applications in mind to create effective security systems whatever the situation.

Our management software also supports different output automations to ensure comprehensive 24/7 protection for properties such as stores and warehouses.

Versatile Pyronix Hikvision security systems are flexible, scalable and can be configured to your specific needs.

For example,

For protecting inventories, the Pyronix TMD15 can confirm the alarm in a single device immediately, whilst using a shock sensor could prevent the actual break-in.

Pyronix anti-masking detectors identify attempts to mask the sensors and immediately raise the alarm.

When detectors are blocked in public areas or warehouse corridors, Pyronix anti-blocking detectors prevent the system from being set until the blockage is removed, ensuring the system is not compromised.

Automation outputs such as warehouse shutters, car park gates or perimeter lighting can be set-up and operated – all through ProControl+.

Building on intrusion protection, appropriate fire and water protection can also help minimise damage. Our safety sensors (CO-WE, Smoke-WE, WL-WE) remain active whether the system is set or unset, in order to promptly notify personnel of the hazard.

4. Independent areas management

Flexible access, controlled security.

Arming of separate areas can be simply done with an internal tag reader per area.

For example: the store manager unsets the public areas and corridors when presenting their tag to the reader at the start of the day. They then continue to their particular offices and tag the Internal Reader, which isolates the zones from the system and shows a green LED to indicate that it is safe to enter.

At the end of the working day, the manager locks the office and again tags the reader - the green LED goes out and the zones become part of the system again.

Finally, a security guard may then ensure the common areas are set once the offices are vacated or at a specific time. However, timed setting of the common areas can also be scheduled and automated through Pyronix Euro control panels.

5. Emergency/ Panic Alarms

When you urgently need help.

Perfect for locating behind tills or as a mobile, worn device, the wireless Pyronix emergency/ panic button (HUD/MED-WE) signals for help by triggering the alarm.

This function is particularly useful when connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which enables an immediate alert and a fast, direct response.

In use, where an employee feels threatened or needs urgent assistance, the alarm is activated by pressing both buttons down for two seconds. A series of panic alarms discreetly positioned behind tills or any other convenient location makes raising the alarm quickly much easier, particularly during an incident.

The HUD/MED-WE can also be worn to help protect staff at all times, providing welcome reassurance that help is readily available if needed.

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