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The ASSET-WE is a discreet and easy-to-install accelerometer device that offers a new level of protection for high-value and treasured possessions. At only 25mm wide and featuring aesthetic slimline plastics, the ASSET-WE is nano in size. Suited to commercial and residential use, it can be enclosed inside or hidden out of sight on items to provide security and protection if an item is moved or opened.

Key Features
  • Two sensitivity settings
  • Home Position allows for any orientation or angle
  • Easy relocation of Home Position

Product Features

Two sensitivity settings

The device has two sensitivity settings, low and high. The high sensitivity setting is ideally suited to stationary items, whereas the lower sensitivity option is designed for protecting items which are subject to environments that could cause movement, like vibration and loud sound.

Home Position allows for any orientation or angle

The Home Position is the device’s installation position. If the device is left stationary for 10 seconds, it will recalibrate the accelerometer to its new position. This allows for any orientation, at any angle.

Easy relocation of Home Position

The device can be relocated wherever the user sees fit when the system is disarmed (providing the zone is not programmed as 24 hour or day alarm). The device will calibrate its Home Position after a period of 4 seconds once the case tamper is closed or after a period of 10 seconds after the device has been triggered.

Notification via HomeControl2.0

HomeControl2.0 allows notifications to be delivered directly to the user’s device. Events can be viewed in the app, showing a log of what’s happened on the system, giving the user added visibility over their system.

Signal strength and battery test

To test the device, the system can be put in walk test and the device activated. Whilst in walk test, the system will chime when the device is triggered.

Two-way wireless

This multi-award-winning technology delivers easy installation and superior security, with full supervision, anti-jamming and 128-bit wireless protocol encryption to maximise reliability and ensure the signals transmitted by the system are protected and any code-grabbing is prevented. Each Pyronix two-way wireless device is both a transmitter and a receiver, providing a wealth of installation benefits.

Other technical specifications

Dimensions and weight

30 x 95 x 10mm, 30g

Casing / Colour

2mm polycarbonate-ABS, white

LED Colours

Red, blue and green

Transmission frequency

868MHz FM transceiver narrow band

Transmission method

Fully encrypted rolling code

Tilt alarm threshold

High: ~4° Low: ~2°


2 x lithium CR2450R, 3V, 500mAh with a 50mA pulse

Low battery threshold

2.2V +/-5% @ 25°C

Tamper switches

Front and rear


Storage:- 20°C to 50°C Operating:- 10°C to 40°C

Certifications and warranty


EN50131-2-6-2008, EN50131-2-8-2016

RoHS directive


RE directive



EN55032:2015+A11:2020 Class B

Immunity compliance


Environmental class




Product Codes & Options

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