Batteries for Enforcer Two-Way Wireless Keyfob

Product Features
  • BATT-KF1215 for KEYFOB-WE

  • BATT-CR1/3N for Keyfob MK II

  • BATT-CR1/3N for KF4-WE MK I

Standard Size

The Pyronix KEYFOB-WE uses a standard size battery, making it easier to purchase and replace.

Two-Way Wireless Technology

The Pyronix KEYFOB-WE will alert you via the control panel when it is due for it’s battery changing.

Battery Life

Lasts up to 2 years (normal usage).

Product Codes & Options

Battery for KEYFOB-WE
SAP: 361300167
Battery for MKI Keyfob
Battery for MKII Keyfob

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