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The DIGI-WIFI/XA is a single-path communicator that facilitates remote system control through the ProControl+ App, PyronixCloud platforms, InSite UDL software, and Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) connection, enabling fast, efficient and cost-effective communication.

Key Features
  • Uses existing broadband
  • Communicates via the PyronixCloud
  • Low cost installation

Product Features

Fast, efficient & cost-effective communication

The DIGI-WIFI/XA is a single path communicator that enables remote control of the system via the ProControl+ App and PyronixCloud platforms, as well as InSite UDL software and Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) connection.



Uses existing broadband

As the DIGI-WIFI/XA connects directly to the property’s existing internet via Wi-Fi into the router, there’s no need to worry about additional data usage, monthly contracts or keeping it topped up.

CSL ARC Signalling

Allows alarm messages to be sent to a central Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via common protocols Fast Format and SIA.

*Please Note: The PyronixCloud platform is a yearly subscription service and charges do apply. For more information please contact your installer or your dedicated account manager.

Communications and modems


Fast Format IP (UK Only), Contact ID IP, SIA IP, supports upload/downloading

Electrical & battery

Operating voltage


Quiescent current consumption


Certifications and warranty

Environmental class


EN Certificate

EN 50131-1: 2006

Electrical conformity



2 years

Product Codes & Options

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