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Octopus DQ


The Octopus DQ provides full, ceiling-mounted infrared detection for comprehensive grade 2 room surveillance. Get thorough coverage with a 360° detection range to effectively monitor an entire room or office space from any angle. The built-in PIR monitors room infrared levels, detecting intruders then triggering the panel to sound an alarm.

Key Features
  • 12m, 360° coverage
  • Front and rear tamper protection
  • Attractive, discreet design

Product Features

360° degree overhead detection

The brand-new Octopus DQ delivers complete overhead detection to any room. The ceiling mount infrared detector offers complete peace of mind that the security system is watching over the protected space. With 360° detection coverage, the Octopus DQ easily and effectively detects from any angle to watch over an entire room or office space.

Digital Quad Zone PIR

The Octopus DQ’s PIR constantly monitors the infrared energy levels around a room and recognises any changes that are caused by the presence of an intruder. The detector will then inform the panel to initiate an alarm.

Attractive, discreet design

The brand-new plastics of the Octopus DQ provide an attractive and discreet detector. Now smaller, slimmer and slicker, the new Octopus DQ delivers superior protection with a stylish and unobtrusive finish.

Blue Wave Technology

Utilising advanced signal processing and precision optics, this technology allows the Octopus DQ to adapt to its environment to safeguard against false alarms and improve its immunity to interference.

  • Digital temperature compensation
    Digitally adjusts the sensitivity of the detector to maintain its specified range when the background temperature is close to body temperature.
  • Adjustable sensitivity
    The sensitivity of the detector can be manually adjusted and set to suit the environment where it is installed.
  • Independent Floating Thresholds (IFT)
    Eliminates electrical environmental disturbances by ensuring alarm thresholds are always kept within predetermined limits.

Enhanced installation

The Octopus DQ has been developed to provide a stylish and highly secure solution, with the optimum amount of ease and convenience during installation:

  • Single Screw
    Requires only a single screw to fit the detector to its base, making installation simpler and faster than ever before.
  • Clip in PCB
    No longer screw the PCB down – instead, click it into place.
  • Pulse count (1, 2 & 3)
    This is the number of times the Octopus must detect an intruder within a specified time period – simply set to the sensitivity required.
  • Selectable EOL resistors
    The detector incorporates selectable alarm resistor values of 6K8, 5K6, 4K7 and 1K, in addition to tamper values of 5K6, 4K7, 2K2 and 1K, catering for most control panels.
  • Walk test LED
    Allows the installer to perform an easy and quick walk-test during the installation process – the LED indicates the presence of an intruder.
  • Adjustable mounting height
    Mount at varying heights, depending on the installation: 4m for optimum 12m range, with 360° coverage.

Ceiling mount technology

Ceiling mount provides ideal coverage for obscured areas and is less likely to be obscured by furniture or office partitions etc.

Easy upgrade

The brand-new Octopus DQ has been developed to fit into the same fitting as the previous Octopus EP. This means that any existing Octopus detectors can be quickly and easily swapped for the brand-new detector.

Front & rear tamper protection

This ensures that maximum security is maintained against accidental or malicious tampering of the system, providing reassurance that the system is secure.

Detectors technical characteristics

Volumetric coverage: 360°, 156 zone, 3 planes


Ceiling mount PIR


Quad-interlocking element pyroelectric sensor


Independent Floating Threshold (IFT) technology


Adjustable sensitivity


Automatic temperature compensation


Detectors technical characteristics

Maximum range


Alarm response

2.5 seconds

Detection speed


Geometric lens configuration



Optimal installation height


Electrical & battery

Power supply

9-16DC (12DC nominal)

Relay type

Solid state

Outputs relay

60DC, 50mA max

PFI immunity from continuous wave (CW), modulated wave (AM) and pulse (PM) 80-2700MHz


Certifications and warranty

Security grade

Grade 2

Environmental class


Electrical conformity



5 years

EN Certificate


Product Codes & Options

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