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The tri-detection XD10TT-AM combines two PIR sensors and one microwave detector. The microwave range can be adjusted up to 15m while the fixed PIR range covers 10m. The product offers UV protection, weatherproof optics, and a built-in walk test buzzer, ensuring reliable performance in varied conditions and facilitating easy installation and testing.

Key Features
  • 10m Volumetric coverage
  • Heavy Duty Ultra Violet Filter
  • Tri Detection Range

Product Features

Tri Detection Range

This is determined by the combined range of the three detection technologies; two PIR sensors and one microwave detector.

The microwave detector range is adjustable from 0 to 15m while the PIR range is fixed to 10m. The Tri Detection range is therefore adjustable by changing the microwave detection range.

10m Volumetric coverage

10m Volumetric coverage in both lenses – ideal for hostile environments.

Heavy Duty Ultra Violet Filter

Ultra violet light is always present and is particularly strong at high altitude and next to the seaside. The exposure to such high radiation reduces performance and can fully blind the PIR lenses. Therefore the XD10TTAM lenses are manufactured to high standards and coated with a heavy duty ultra violet filter to ensure their performance is not compromised by high levels of UV.

Optional heavy duty bracket

The optional heavy duty tamper proof bracket also includes a cable through feature for easy installation and added security as the wires are hidden away within the bracket. It moves 45 degrees left and right allowing a total area coverage of up to 90 degrees when two detectors are installed next to each other. If wires cannot be hidden in the bracket for any reason, it is also possible to install a conduit to protect the cabling.

Weatherproof sealed optics

The lens collet is designed to firmly hold the lens in place and create a stable environmental chamber between it and the PIR sensor. A rubber gasket on the lens and a foam gasket on the PIR sensor are used as a further sealant against all weather conditions and humidity. In addition, the sealed PIR sensor chamber protects the PIR sensors from possible insect infestation and internal air movement.

Built-in walk test buzzer

To enable the installer to perform an easy and quick walk test during installation as well as audible indication of a presence in the detection area, the XD features a built-in buzzer. This creates a buzzing noise to indicate an alarm activation during installation testing (may be disabled if required).

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