Pyronix' statement: COVID-19

Pyronix’ statement in response to the Novel coronavirus: COVID-19


Dear Customer

With the developing situation around the outbreak of the Novel coronavirus, COVID-19, we have taken a proactive approach in understanding the potential challenges placed not only upon our supply chain, but on wider stakeholder groups, including our workforce and their families, and our customers.

We know that you may be also concerned about COVID-19, the potential impact to you, and product availability over the coming weeks and months. I want to take this opportunity to tell you about a number of initiatives that we have already put in place regarding this.

Supply Chain:

We have been working closely with our product, component and logistics suppliers to manage and mitigate any potential impact to our supply chain. Some of our suppliers have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, however, they are currently ramping up production and will soon be at normal levels.

Currently, we do not have any concerns over the supply of raw materials through our supply chain.

We have extended our purchasing horizon with our supplier partners and challenged them to ensure their own supply chain is robust to further mitigate any risk.

UK Product Supply and UK Production Facility:

In terms of our product stocks and supply to the UK market, we have around 10 weeks of product stock in the supply chain, at Pyronix or in distribution branches. We are now working to increase that amount of stock further, to ensure continuous supply of product to the market.

Internally to the business:

As a responsible business and employer, I also wanted to highlight some of the measures that we have taken internally to safeguard our people, their families – and by extension, you our customers as well.

We have issued guidance to all our employees regarding Pyronix’ stance towards the COVID-19 outbreak. This document details our duty of care, along with details on how to spot symptoms, and what to do in the case of feeling unwell.

It details what we are doing to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, such as:

  • Hand gel dispensers at every Entry & Exit point of all buildings,
  • Daily deep clean,
  • Providing masks, as necessary,
  • Providing gloves at each building,
  • Digital thermometers being available at each building;

along with details on behaviour we expect from employee’s at work, largely taken from Public Health England (PHE) or NHS 111 advice:

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or the crook of your elbow (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze,
  • Make sure your workplace is clean and hygienic. Do this by frequently cleaning and disinfecting touched objects and surfaces using the materials provided,
  • Do ensure that you always disinfect your hands every time you leave and enter any of the business’ buildings. Sanitizing gel dispensers are now provided at the entrance of all our buildings,
  • After using the toilet facilities do wash your hands thoroughly with plenty of soap,
  • Until further notice, avoid shaking hands with anyone. This includes suppliers, clients and work colleagues.

We would encourage you to do the same, and follow guidance issued by PHE or NHS 111 (or relevant health agency in your locale).


We appreciate that this is a fast-moving situation and, as such, we will keep this guidance up to date and issue further statements to you, our valued customers in due course and as the situation develops. If you do have any questions please do contact us or your local Account Manager and we’d be happy to discuss.


Best regards


Sebastian Herrera