Looking for revenue growth?

GAP delivers recurring revenue potential, increased client retention and efficiency benefits, in addition to upselling opportunities. All of which help your bottom-line.

A key component, the PyronixCloud platform provides a completely tailored solution; delivering users superior functions and security, while generating recurring revenue for you

So much more than security.


PyronixCloud Subscriptions

Power in the platform. Providing convenient ProControl+ and remote management benefits – PyronixCloud lets you deliver valuable services to your customers at a monthly cost set by you. Reach new profit heights with the cloud.

Value added services

So much more than security. Drive customer renewal and business growth by shifting the buying focus to a lifestyle solution of today, rather than a grudge purchase. Security is just the beginning.


ARM servicing – InSite

It just got a whole lot simpler. Remotely access every system to monitor alarm events, diagnose faults, make changes and more, with Pyronix InSite. Even set one of the twice-yearly services to be automatically performed, recorded and compared with initial readings. Maintain, without leaving the office!


Evolving product range

Stay in pole position. With new and exciting Pyronix products always under development, you’re constantly growing in selling points. Race into the lead with an offering that continually delights.

System evolution

This has real potential. Every service call and maintenance visit you make is a chance to extend the system with more value; driving your profitability, customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • "We have worked with Gary Rogers and Jim Lovett for some time now, they have been very supportive of ACE for both sales and technical training. Always happy to pop by to help when required.

    The products we use have given us confidence in the brand especially the app connected panels, giving value add to our customers at very little cost. The remote service and diagnostic abilities of the InSite programme gives a speedy response to issues and can foresee problems too.

    We look forward to what Pyronix may develop in the future."

    Richard Webb - Operations Director, Ace Fire and Security
  • Index Security’s association with the current Enforcer and Euro range goes back over 35 years to the days when Pyronix was Castle Caretech. The current incarnation of systems with the Enforcer and Euro 76 has benefited hugely with advances in technology and ownership, and are without doubt the first and best choice for Index.

    I suppose you could say we have been installing these for as long as they have been in existence, and long before the latest systems were made available. To date have installed many thousands of alarms, 95% of these systems were Castle now Pyronix, and now the Enforcer or Euro range. Our engineers find them easy to install, easy to setup and easy to maintain. Our customers find them easy to use and like the availability and functionality of a well-balanced app based system. The app is exceptionally easy to use, (and very good) it integrates with the Cubecam exceptionally well, and the system as a whole performs very well. We have very few errors or issues given the amount of systems we install and maintain, which is exactly want we need.

    We would recommend without any problem, but not to other alarm companies. We are happy for them to be installing something that is just not as good. Lastly, whilst Pyronix has an excellent product with the Enforcer and Euro 76, the input from HIKVision can only make it better.

    Neil Sheppard - Managing Director, Index Security
  • Alpha Electrical Fire & Security have been using Pyronix products since 2012 and can’t fault the development within the Pyronix range of peripherals & control panels.

    With the V10 Enforcer and Euro 76 control panels they are quick and easy for our engineers to install and programme. The addition of APP control for the end user is great for commercial and domestic clients. Remote connection using the InSite Software means we can service and alter programming at the touch of a button.

    We would happily recommend the V10 version of control panel range to anyone within the security industry.

    Graham Cree - Director, Alpha Electrical Fire & Security Ltd
  • Our company has recently started using the Pyronix products including the Enforcer, Euro 46 and Euro 76 panels. We have found the products very straight forward to use from an engineering point of view and easy for the end client to use.

    The Pyronix cloud is also very good and easy to navigate, we have found the service to be reliable and although the App is quite basic, it simply works.

    The wireless equipment has proven to work very well and most importantly it is reliable, all of the products look nice and modern and the feedback from our customers is always good.

    We would recommend using the Pyronix range of products and look forward to the future products that Pyronix produce.

    Ben Lebbern - Managing Director, Balance Systems