Warranty Policy

Warranty Part Returns Policy

This policy outlines the responsibility of Pyronix as the ‘Seller’ and the customer as the ‘Buyer’ for reporting damage to packaging and products which have failed within the warranty period specific to individual products.

Damaged Packaging on receipt of goods.

All damage to packaging must be reported to Pyronix within 2 working days of receipt of goods.
Damaged packaging reported within 2 working days – replacement packaging will be sent to the customer, there will be no need for the product to be returned to Pyronix.
Damaged packaging reported after 2 working days – replacement packaging will be sent to the customer at a cost of £15.00. Pyronix should receive a purchase order from the customer before the packaging is despatched. There will be no need for the product to be returned to Pyronix.
For replacement packaging, Pyronix will require a photo of the product label detailing the following:
• MO Number
• BAT Number
• SAP Code
• Warranty Date
• Software (Where Applicable)
• Hub (Where Applicable)
• Serial Number

Products being returned

The customer will be provided with replacements or a credit note (when agreed) to the full value of the product for all items found to be faulty or defective that fall within the normal warranty period.
If products are returned and found NOT to be faulty or are out of their standard warranty period, credit or replacements will not be issued. The customer has the option to have the product returned or disposed of. If the customer chooses to have the product returned, this will be at a cost of £15.00 and a purchase order for carriage must be provided before the products are returned.

Return Requirements

The following requirements shall apply to all products returned to Pyronix.
Pyronix return number required:
The customer must contact warranty.returns@pyronix.com so that Pyronix can issue a Pyronix return number (PXR). The PXR number must be issued prior to the return of any product. Once issued, the product should be returned to Pyronix together with the Pyronix Warranty Return’s form. Warranty requests made outside of warranty.returns@pyronix.com will be rejected.

(Note: the PXR number is in the format PXR 12345)

Return details required:
Details of the product to be returned must be provided on the Warranty Return From:
• Date
• Technical help desk (where applicable)
• PXR number
• Product description
• Description of fault(s)/ reason for the products being returned
• Branch returning the product
• Customer returning the product
Packaging Requirements
When packaging the products for return, all returns must meet the following requirements:
All returned products must be packaged appropriately to afford individual mechanical protection so that damage does not occur while the product in in transit to Pyronix. The packaging must be comparable to the packaging in which Pyronix originally shipped the product. Products returned in unsuitable packaging will not be processed and the customer will have the option to have the product returned or disposed of, if the customer chooses to have the product returned this will be at a cost of £15.00 and a purchase order for the cost of carriage must be received before the product is returned; the PXR will then be closed.
Where a customer has multiple PXR’s, returns must be package separately according to PXR numbers; each PXR number must be individually packed and properly sealed. Customer must not mix multiple PXR’s within a shipping box.
Each box of returned product must be clearly labelled with the PXR number and delivery address. If customer is returning products in several boxes, and the products are all under the same PXR number, then the customer must properly mark each box to avoid partial shipments (for example, if the customer is shipping three boxes the boxes must be marked as part 1 of 3, part 2 of 3, part 3 of 3).
List of the PXR numbers contained in the shipment must be attached to the carrier documentation on collection.
The customer must enclose a Pyronix return form identifying the contents in each shipping carton.

Discrepancies in products returned

Pyronix reserves the right not to replace the returned product or issue a credit note, if;
Upon identification of the product it is found to be out of warranty, or on receipt of the returned product, Pyronix determines that the product is not faulty or defective, or the product does not match the product described on the PXR.
The customer will be advised of any PXR discrepancies and disposition of these products will be agreed with Pyronix (e.g. customer requests for the product to be returned, this will be at a cost of £15.00 or products are scrapped by Pyronix).
The PXR number is valid for thirty (30) calendar days after its issuance by Pyronix. The customer must return the product described in the PXR within thirty (30) days. If the product is not returned, Pyronix will close the PXR and the product can no longer be returned under the PXR number. The customer will need to request a new PXR in order for the product to be returned. The product must still be in warranty when a new PXR is requested.


The return of full kits will not be accepted, only the faulty item is to be returned from the kit. Where kits have been returned in full, these will be returned to the customer at a cost of £15.00. A purchase order for the cost of carriage must be received before the Kit is returned, the PXR will then be closed. The faulty part will need to be returned under a new PXR number.
Returns from the Customer’s Customer
Customer’s customers are not eligible to return products for repair or replacement to Pyronix directly. Products returned directly to Pyronix will be disposed of, these will not be returned.