Car thefts rise by 29% over 12 month period

You’ve left the house to get to work, stepped out onto the drive, gone to unlock your car and it’s not there. An empty space glares back at you…
Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many.

The Office of National Statistics recently reported that just over 123,000 vehicles (of all types) were stolen between September 2021 and September 2022, citing an increase of 29% from the previous 12 month period.

Where older vehicles are targeted with smash and grab techniques, modern cars are often stolen by professional thieves, using keyless technology to steal cars parked on owners’ driveways – vehicles with keyless entry and start systems are twice as likely to be stolen!

In July 2022, it took one thief just 63 seconds to steal a Range Rover Sport from a gated property in Essex by intercepting the signal the key emits and relaying it to trick the car into thinking the key was there and operational.

What’s causing the recent increase in thefts?

It’s likely a combination of factors contributing towards the upwards trend of car thefts. For one, the financial impact of the pandemic and current cost-of-living crisis may have driven more people towards criminal activity, including car theft.

Disrupted supply chains could have had an influence on the rise in car theft too. A lack of parts for new car manufacturing, particularly semiconductors, has increased demand in the second hand market, and, as a result, created new opportunities for criminals.

Criminals are now turning their motivation to financial gain. Professional thieves are targeting high-value vehicles, like Range Rovers, and taking them to be stripped down to illegally sell the various components. While, other offenders are targeting more common, attainable vehicles.

The most commonly stolen cars in the UK are:
• Ford Fiesta
• Land Rover Range Rover
• Ford Focus
• VW Golf
• Land Rover Discovery
• BMW 3 Series
• Mercedes C Class
• Vauxhall Astra
• Vauxhall Corsa
• Mercedes E Class

What can you do to avoid becoming another statistic?

Prevention is the best policy to avoid becoming another statistic.

You can:
• Check the car is definitely locked before walking away
• Invest in a faraday pouch and pop your keys in it, this can block the key’s signal for keyless start vehicles
• Get video surveillance for your home that overlooks where your car is parked
• Keep any valuables inside the vehicle out of sight
• Install the Pyronix CarDefender!

The CarDefender from Pyronix

A massive 72% of stolen cars are never returned to their owners, leading to stressful conversations with insurance companies that can often take around 30 days to agree a settlement price; and the confirmed amount may a lot less than expected.

Getting early warning of potential theft can make all the difference.

That’s where the CarDefender from Pyronix comes in.

Working in conjunction with existing Pyronix systems, the CarDefender is our combined technology device that gives users early warning of attempted vehicle theft or intrusion.

Should any shock or tilt movement be detected, a notification is sent directly to the user’s mobile device, via our smart device application, HomeControl2.0, allowing them to take preventative action as soon as possible.

The CarDefender has three configurable detection modes, which are able to detect shock or tilt; and it can be set to trigger for shock only, tilt only, or if either shock or tilt is detected.

It’s been developed specifically to combat vehicle theft (particularly keyless), offering a new line of defence for vehicles within wireless range of the control panel to deter intruders by raising the alarm in the event of an attempted theft.

With a one-year battery life, a two-year warranty and HomeControl2.0 connectivity, the CarDefender is a pioneering vehicle security device.