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An innovative, unique solution for vehicle theft detection. With three configurable detection modes, the CarDefender offers a secure and visual deterrent that provides users with an early warning enabling swift action to be taken.

Key Features
  • Universal mounting
  • Back to Home (B2H) button
  • Shock only, tilt only, or either shock/tilt

Product Features

Fixing options

The device includes a vibrant silicone rubber mount for a secure and visual attachment to a vehicle’s steering wheel, or you can use the included 3M tape for versatile applications.

Flexible detection

During professional installation, detection types can be selected via the front button.

Tilt: On or off, triggers at a 4° tilt angle.
Shock: Three sensitivity settings – high requires less force, low requires more force.
Tilt or Shock: Activates on either shock or tilt detection for added security.

Back to Home (B2H)

The CarDefender protects vehicles within the control panel’s home range. If a vehicle leaves and then returns, the supervision resets after 5 minutes or can be instantly reset by pressing the B2H button on the device.

10 minute safety feature

After users select their detection method, it locks in after 10 minutes to prevent accidental changes that could invalidate the device. Once locked, the settings can only be altered by reopening and closing the device to access the setup window.

Conformally coated PCB

While the CarDefender lacks an IP rating for harsh conditions, it features a conformal coating on the PCB, making it suitable for variable environments; including use on bikes, vans, or trailers.

Vehicle protection

The CarDefender is designed to prevent vehicle theft, especially keyless thefts, by triggering a home alarm when an attempt is made. This provides users with early warnings, enabling swift action against theft that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

What’s in the box

The CarDefender-WE device is supplied with a silicone rubber mount, 3M tape, and a convenient credit card sized User Guide.

Product Features


Dimensions and weight (W x H x D)

Device - 30 x 95 x 10mm, 30g Holder - 122 x 163 x 12mm, 35g

Casing / Colour

Device - 2mm polycarbonate-ABS, anthracite Holder - Silicone strap, yellow | UV Additive RIASORB UV-329 holder, black

LED colours

Red, blue and green

Transmission frequency

868MHz FM transceiver narrow band

Transmission method

Fully encrypted rolling code

Detection methods

Shock | Tilt | Tilt or Shock

Tilt alarm threshold


Shock sensitivity

Low, medium and high


2 x lithium CR2450R, 3V, 500mAh with a 50mA pulse

Low battery threshold

2.2V +/-5% @ 25°C


Storage: -20°C to 50°C Operating: -10°C to 40°C


EN50131-5-3:2017, EN50131-2-8-2016

RoHS Directive

EU 2015/853 | UK RoHS regulation 2012

RE Directive

2014/53/EU | Radio Equipment Regulations 2017 (RED)


EN 55032:2015+A11:2020 Class B

Immunity compliance

EN 50130-4:2011+A1:2014

Environmental class


Product Codes & Options


Installation Manuals

Product Compliance Certificate

Programming Reference Manuals

Technical Catalogues and Flyers

User Manuals

The CarDefender from Pyronix

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