6 tips for the DoorbellCam for the darker, winter months

With the new HomeControl DoorbellCam, users can see exactly who’s at the door, at any time, from anywhere, via HomeControl2.0; even on the darkest of nights.

We’ve compiled a list of our best tips and tricks for getting the most out of the DoorbellCam during the darker, winter months – which settings will you enable?

Tip 1: Stop unwanted alerts with custom sensitivity settings

Detect the presence of potential intruders around a property and mask out nuisance alarms triggered by pets, wildlife and other movement with the doorbell’s built-in PIR detector. The PIR can be configured to three different levels of sensitivity for custom settings depending on the environment, like when the sun goes down. This is because the PIR detector doesn’t rely on a light source or visual analytics to work, instead, it senses movement; and with its human body filtering, the camera knows what’s there and will alert accordingly.

Tip 2: Get alerts faster with push notifications

Users can receive real-time alerts from the front door straight to their smartphone via HomeControl2.0. With the DoorbellCam’s inbuilt mic and speaker, welcoming visitors and directing deliveries has never been easier; and during those cold and dark nights, users can challenge unwanted visitors without having to leave the comfort and safety of their home.

Tip 3: Download and share videos from your mobile phone

Users can playback videos and capture video footage to examine, save and share the things that catch their attention. This is particularly useful during the darker nights, if at home, when there’s not quite enough light outside to get a good look out the window to see what’s triggered the motion detection.

Tip 4: Enable Night Mode

Feel safer at night with Night Mode. The DoorbellCam will continue to capture important details with its 130° field of view and crisp 1080p Full-HD video, even in low light, meaning users are always protected.

Tip 5: Hear localised alerts at home

When users are at home, localised alerts are made possible with the Doorbell Chime. The battery-powered (3 x AA – so no PSU required), audible chime has been designed for full audio coverage throughout the property, offering four levels of volume. Up to four Chimes can be positioned within a property, so homeowners can remain assured they’ll always hear a caller.

Tip 6: Build a Smarter Home

With our range of smart home products, like the SmartPlug, the DoorbellCam can be integrated to make life easier with helpful scenes and automations.

The home could be set up to automatically switch a light on if the doorbell is pressed at night, making it safer for your customers to reach the door.

It could even be configured as an occupancy feature. When users are away from home, the DoorbellCam’s movement sensor can be linked with an internal lamp, for example, to illuminate and discourage any would be intruders.

To find out more about the new DoorbellCam and our other perimeter protection products, get in touch with your account manager today.