Be prepared for dark nights

Darkness is a burglar’s best friend, and when the clocks go back and the sun goes down earlier each day, it’s time to prevent customers homes being easy targets.

The Problem

With a 63% decrease in daylight hours between summer and winter peaks, we see with statistics from UKCrimeStats that burglaries rise noticeably by 13% in some areas.

This, along with events such as Halloween, Bonfire night and the Christmas period, means that the opportunities for burglars and intruders rise significantly.


What you should be doing

Don’t overlook the perimeter

Be proactive and boost your product offering and upsell opportunities on maintenance visits by providing an effective first line of defence with increased awareness and security for your customers.

This approach allows you to effectively remove blind spots with carefully placed detectors and sensors. From driveways to gardens, entrances to gates, walls, fences and much more.

By creating alerts and notifications as soon as anyone approaches the property this gives your customers the opportunity to see exactly what’s happening to respond appropriately to a delivery or a potential intruder.

How we can help

The LightCamera provides a cost-effective, feature-rich product for your customers, and great upselling and revenue capabilities with ease of installation for you and your business.

As a stand-alone solution, the LightCamera offers Full-HD video, day or night, with a range of up to 18m to stop intruders in their tracks.

Easily installed by taking over existing floodlights, the camera also provides your customers the ability to activate a loud audible siren and even speak via two-way talk to direct deliveries or ward off potential intruders.

With customisable detection zones to reduce false alarms, when someone crosses the detection zone the 2500 lumen lights are automatically triggered, whilst the camera sends snapshots of the activity to the always-connected app on your smart device.

The LightCamera can also be linked to the XDL12TT-WE to provide advanced video verification.