Make 2018 your most successful yet

New Year. New Approach. Wi-Fit anything else?

As we wave goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018, we can embrace a clean slate, a new year and new opportunities.

Fed up with complicated wiring and unpredictable call-outs? Start 2018 with a sound investment for you and your business’s future, with the Enforcer V10, which comes with a DIGI-WIFI module for free as standard.

Instead of spending your time wiring phone lines to the panel with PSTN, connect the Enforcer V10 wirelessly to your end user’s pre-existing Wi-Fi router and spend it finishing more jobs and making more money; cutting your labour time to enhance your efficiency.

The Enforcer V10’s two-way wireless capability boosts efficiency even further; making adding detectors, sensors, contacts and much more, quick and easy. This makes your installs less invasive and even more efficient; allowing you to install more systems and increase your profitability.

That’s wiring relegated to the history books and communication simpler than ever, but what about those unpredictable call-outs?

Thanks to the Enforcer V10’s DIGI-WIFI  as standard, you can remotely monitor your systems via the PyronixCloud. This connectivity provides UDL over IP; the fastest way to connect to your systems.

Program, diagnose faults and set up remote maintenance, without even having to visit site, and when you do; the remote diagnostics allow you to arrive knowing what work needs carrying out; making your call-outs as efficient as possible.

You can also establish recurring revenue streams and save money on your yearly maintenance services thanks to this remote capability. Adhering to standards and saving your business time, one of your twice-yearly site visits can now be completed remotely.

By offering management services through the PyronixCloud or passing some access to your end users, you can increase customer retention and again, make every security system you install more manageable and profitable.

HomeControl+ App connectivity to your end users also offers a new and exciting selling point; providing them with the ability to remotely control their security system from wherever they are, as well as control any outputs wired into the panel.

Get 2018 off to a flying start and ask yourself, Wi-Fit anything else?