The latest software update for the Enforcer V11 system

Pyronix announce changes to the Enforcer V11 system, including SIA DC09 compatibility, interlinking smoke and heat sensors, and a ungraded auto-restore feature.

“Our latest updates ensure compliance to latest regulations and offer installers a more complete solution that makes ARC communication, maintenance and support much simpler,” Laurence Kenny, Marketing Director, said.

In accordance with the latest SIA Digital Communications Standard, the newest update features SIA DC09 compatibility. This will allow for direct ARC communication, without the need for any additional hardware and software. It will mean the management of ARC communications are all in one place and will make maintenance and support much easier too.

Interlinking smoke and heat sensors have also been introduced, meaning that if one is activated then all will sound at once within the property. This alerts users to life-safety scenarios through their panel and connected Pyronix apps.  The main advantage to this is, unlike standard interlinking solutions, Pyronix end-users will receive notification directly to their smart device, no matter where they are in the world, allowing them to take action as necessary.

Laurence continued: “Having interlinking smoke and heat sensors is a legal requirement in Scotland, so this latest update will ensure compliance for our Scottish installers. It’s conceivable the rest of the UK will adopt interlinking smoke and heat sensors as a legal requirement too, so, this will future-proof the system for any possible changes in law.”

The panel has also been updated with an ungraded, auto-restore feature. Where system grading is not a priority, installers can switch the feature on to automatically restore the panel to working state from a fault situation that has resolved itself, such as a mains fail.

The advantage of this new feature is there is no need for intervention from the installer or end-user. Installers are able to group restores and have granular control over what is set to auto-restore and what is not, so the overall security of the system is maintained.

“Our latest updates to the award-winning Enforcer V11 deliver on our commitment to continually evolve our offering for installers and users,” Laurence said.