We’ve made Training On-Demand even better

Looking to continuously deliver the best training and support for professional installers, we’ve made improvements to both the User Interface and User Experience of Training On-Demand (TOD).

Now, you’ll be able to see which courses you’ve completed, which are still outstanding and which  you need to revisit to complete certification.

TOD is our e-learning platform for professional installers and is part of our Knowledge area of our GAP initiative. Available 24/7 via the PyronixCloud, it gives access to training videos and courses to help you become Pyronix certified and master your craft, in your own time and at your own convenience.

The changes, which are live now, mean that when completing a course and answering questions, you’ll receive feedback at the end rather than during, seeing either a ‘Congratulations’ screen or a ‘Not passed’ screen.

In addition, you will also get feedback on the main courses screen, which tells you which courses you’ve completed, which ones need revisiting and which you still haven’t taken. When you open a course, it will also indicate which videos you didn’t pass on the last time you took it.

If you already have access to TOD via your PyronixCloud account, you can sign in and continue completing courses right away.

If you haven’t accessed TOD before and would like to get started, you can view our set up guide here.