Wi-Fit PSTN?

Ask yourself; Wi-Fit PSTN?

In the digital age, PSTN is becoming an out-dated and ill-equipped method of communication, particularly with the uptake and emergence of mobile applications, IP and home automation options.

Monitoring and controlling security, CCTV and automation options is becoming the norm through mobile devices. Security needs to embrace and champion this to stay ahead of the curve. By moving towards IP and wireless solutions, with smartphone apps and cloud accounts, you can profit from the many benefits.

Easy setup & installation

No wiring in the phone line to the panel. No slow PSTN connection when doing remote maintenance and UDL. Your time is money – every system that you connect through PSTN costs you labour time and offers little benefit that you can sell to the end user. Why not benefit from offering your end users added value services such as HomeControl+ app connectivity? This will allow you to differentiate your business, and save time and money on installations by fitting a completely wireless solution. We even aim to keep you more competitive in the marketplace by including the DIGI-WIFI as standard with the Enforcer V10.

Remote management capability

Furthermore, PyronixCloud connectivity offers UDL over IP, the fastest way to connect to your systems to program the system, diagnose faults, and set up remote maintenance. This can also help you to save even more money on your yearly maintenance services, by doing one of your twice-yearly site visits remotely; adhering to standards and saving your business crucial time.

Recurring revenue

Streams of recurring revenue can be established by offering management services through the PyronixCloud. You can manage your security systems or pass direct access to users. This increases customer retention and again makes each security system you fit a more manageable and profitable solution.

So, ask yourself, Wi-Fit PSTN?