Invincibell X with Light Box

Product Features
  • 3 Way tamper action

  • Dual skin 3mm ABS housing

  • IP65 rated

  • Supplied with rechargeable battery

  • Various colour combinations available

  • Piezo sounder technology

  • Universal triggering inputs

  • Full backlit cover

  • Engineer hold off

  • Active self-test for back up battery

  • Siren trigger input is continuously monitored for integrity

  • Remote engineer hold off input

  • Fault relay output

The Invincibell X Lightbox is a unique visual deterrent that will slide into the cover and will illuminate the front of the Invincibell X at night to maximize its security impact. In addition to the low light illumination the Invincibell X with light box will strobe from the base and the lightbox when the alarm is activated, giving a visual indication to those around, should the alarm activate.

With sealed electronics and enhanced 3 way tamper protection you can be confident that the Invincibell X with Lightbox will be there if you need it.

3 Way tamper action

Activation from front, back, and power supply cut off ensures protection from sabotage attempts. In this situation, the siren will activate independently of the control panel.

Piezo sounders with high decibel output

Siren cut-off timer

The cut off timer is defaulted to 15 minutes to meet industry regulations.

3mm Poly housing

Enables a panoramic strobe effect illuminating the full bell box.

Current consumption feature

An incorporated LDR will turn off the backlight automatically during daylight hours.

Positive/Negative trigger inputs

Can be connected to any output that is positive applied/removed or negative applied/removed on a manufacturer’s control panel.

Revolving guide holes

Unique levelling mechanism including in-built spirit level and revolving guide holes.

Supplied with battery

Complete with a backup battery so that even in the event of an intruder sabotage, the bell box will still operate and protect the property.

Remote engineer hold off

Disable the bell box tamper when a control panel is in the engineers mode.

Twin piezo

Twin piezo sounders with high decibel output.

Visual alarm warning feature

The Invincibell X base and the additional Lightbox will strobe when the alarm is activated.

Engineer hold off facility

When first powered with the tamper switch open, the sounder will not activate.

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EN50131-4:2009 | EN50130-4:2011 | PD6662:2010


Sounders technical characteristics


104 dB(A)

Sound and light indication on alarm


Engineer hold off


Number of Piezos


Strobe LED

Yes - If Lightbox fitted this will act as an additional strobe

Comfort LED


Back-lit cover


Tamper protection


Strobe duration and frequency

10mS, 1Hz

Sounder maximum duration

15 mins

Available with or without a lightbox


SCB (self contained bell) / SAB (self activating bell) option


Self levelling


Environmental and operating features

Certified operating temperature

-25C to 60C

Nominal operating temperature

-30C to 60C

Electrical & battery

Battery type

NiMH 7.2V, 250mAh

Battery life

2 - 5 years

Operating voltage


Alarm current


Quiescent current consumption


Certifications and warranty

Security Grade


Environmental class


EN Certificate

EN50131-4:2009 PD6662:2010

Certification type

Self Certified

Electrical conformity



2 years

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