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The KEYFOB-WE is a compact and tactile keyfob that provides security system control at your fingertips. Programmable for allowing quick arming and disarming of multiple areas, panic button features, and control over wired outputs, this versatile product offers swift and efficient access to your security system.

Key Features
  • Arm and disarm alarm quickly and easily
  • Single and double button push functionality
  • Button lock feature

Product Features

Convenient, multi-functional unit

The KEYFOB-WE key fob not only allows you to set and unset your alarm but can also be used as a panic button, controls wired automation and gives a visual representation of the security system status.

Programmable as an emergency or panic button

An emergency signal or panic button can be programmed to sound the alarm if help is needed. If you also have a monitoring contract with your security system, it will notify the alarm receiving centre that you need help.

Programmable to automate blinds, doors and gates

For added convenience and security, with the KEYFOB-WE key fob you can program wired automation such as blinds, gates or garage doors which can trigger at the push of a button.

Connect multiple key fobs to the system

Multiple KEYFOB-WE wireless keyfobs can be added to a system and easily removed if they have been lost or are no longer required. They are ideal for giving to a trusted neighbour, family member or child so they don’t have to have the code and if lost they can be removed from the system quickly and easily.

Limit individual key fob functions

There is also the option to have different functions per key fob so you don’t have to give access to the whole property. This makes them ideal if you want to give someone access to certain areas of the property whilst restricting others.

For example, if you would like your gardener to have access to the garage but not the rest of the house, you can set it so they can only unset the alarm for that area.

Assign different actions to the key fob

Actions can be set to show status, arm or set area, disarm or unset area, latch output, timed output and personal attack.

Setting devices technical characteristics

4 button with 8 functions


Arm & disarm one or all areas per button


Activate output automation


Two-way wireless technology


Hold-up function


lock and unlock butttons


Enforcer two-way wireless technology

Pyronix high security two way wireless data encryption protocol (TDE)


868MHz transceiver FM technology


Environmental and operating features

Storage temperature

-20C to 50C

Certified operating temperature

-10C to 40C

Nominal operating temperature

-10C to 50C

Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

72 x 30 x 20mm


28 g

Electrical & battery

Battery type


Battery life

Up to 2 Years

Battery voltage



2.1V +/- 5% at 25C

Certifications and warranty

Security Grade

Grade 2

Environmental class


EN Certificate

EN50131-3:2009 | EN50131-5-3:2005+A1:2008

Certification type


Certificate number


Electrical conformity



2 years

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