The first line
of defence

One of the most effective ways to prevent intruders is to detect them before they get the opportunity to break in.
With the combination of the Enforcer and the XD outdoor detectors, you can completely tailor the solution with an added layer of security protection: fortifying from the perimeter inwards. Therefore, the user is alerted in the earliest state even before any potential break-in attempt can even take place.


Wireless outdoor detection

The XDL12TT-WE uses enhanced technologies to overcome extreme outdoor conditions and swaying vegetation, for accurate and around the clock detection in no matter the environmental condition.

When an intruder enters the perimeter of the property, the outdoor XD detector, programmed as a switcher zone, will be activated and immediately trigger the Enforcer control panel.


Enforcer V10

All-in-one two-way wireless panel

Using the onboard Wi-Fi module to link to the user’s Wi-Fi network and internet connection, the Enforcer recognises the switcher zone activation and, with event notifications enabled on the PyronixCloud, signals to ProControl+ on the users smartphone.



The app that speaks for itself

In case of an alarm, when the system is set or unset, or an event is triggered, the user will receive a push message and voice notification on their smartphone with ProControl+ installed, alerting them of the activity with an audible ‘Perimeter Breached’ message, alongside a push notification informing them of where on the system the event is occurring.


Wi-Fi Mini Dome camera

Video Alarm Verification

Instead of simply detecting intrusion as it takes place, adding the Wi-Fi Mini Dome camera enables your users early warning alongside the ability to see exactly what is happening around the property.

Users can switch to the Wi-Fi Mini Dome Camera through ProControl+ to visually verify the activity so that they can then take appropriate action.

Pyronix Perimeter Protection offers users an effective first line of defence with increased awareness and security. It also offers you more installation options, retrofit possibilities and business development opportunities.