Keep properties safe this Autumn with Pyronix

With the clocks turned back and the dark mornings and nights here, now is the perfect time to think about perimeter protection.

As this is the time when the police tend to see an increase in house burglaries, homeowners are advised to take additional care to secure their valuables and properties – so what better time to consider increasing security!

Some useful tips for keeping homes safe in the darker months include:

  • Lock all windows and doors; even when at home
  • Keep valuables and keys secure and out of sight
  • Ensure all tools and garden furniture is locked away – removing the option for these to be used by an intruder to gain access to a property

In addition to this, Pyronix also offers a number of perimeter protection options for greater peace of mind when securing any property, including the XDL12TT-WE wireless outdoor detector.

The XDL12TT-WE offers a robust and reliable solution; featuring a host of technologies that make it perfectly suited to outdoor protection. This includes heightened false alarm immunity with Dual-Vision Pet Immune detection, resolute performance in fluctuating weather conditions with its weatherproof IP55 rating, as well as the ability to distinguish between the movement of trees and bushes from that of an intruder, with Anti-Sway Analytics.

If added to our Enforcer system, the XD, along with any of our peripherals, can be monitored remotely via our ProControl+ app, which provides users with an easy and convenient way to keep up to date with their property’s security; giving them complete peace of mind while their on-the-go.

Furthermore, should the user want to be notified of any activity on the perimeter, the XDL12TT-WE can be programmed as a switcher zone in the Enforcer panel. By doing this, rather than activating an alarm condition when the system is set, it offers 24/7 protection; delivering a real-time voice push notification via ProControl+; grabbing the user’s attention whenever a potential intruder has crossed its path.

The system doesn’t have to finish there either – should the user also require video solutions, our range of Wi-Fi cameras can be added to the property for full HD video monitoring. This allows the user to see exactly what’s happening, whenever they want, as well as switch from alarm to video in the same app to verify any notifications and take appropriate action.

In addition, with the latest release of Pyronix video verification, by linking zones with cameras via the PyronixCloud, a new dimension to security is delivered; notifying the user of any activity and providing a 25 second video (15 seconds pre-alarm and 10 seconds post-alarm) from the linked camera to allow them to truly verify the activation, before taking appropriate action.

This early warning of a possible intruder can be vital in helping users to avoid potential break-ins.

Don’t let intruders capitalise on the dark – stop them in their tracks with Pyronix perimeter protection!