Video Verification

Detect. Notify. Verify.

Robust and reliable intrusion solutions seamlessly integrated with video monitoring, allows the user to receive a voice push notification alongside video verification via ProControl+.

This alerts them of any events on the system and enables them to visually verify this; taking appropriate action, no matter where they are.

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Delivering superior protection

The addition of video verification to ProControl+ enables the linkage of Pyronix Full-HD Wi-Fi cameras to inputs on the system via the PyronixCloud. This adds a new dimension to security.

Linking our wireless outdoor XD detector protects the perimeter; providing early warning alerts and video to any potential intrusion, while our indoor KX detectors can be linked to provide an alert and video of intrusion.

There are also options to link other inputs including door contacts and break-glass sensors, along with life safety sensors such as smoke and carbon monoxide, for complete security peace of mind.

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Selectable notifications

Push notifications
To give added flexibility and choice, the PyronixCloud infrastructure allows push notifications, as well as voice push notifications, to be enabled or disabled depending on user preferences and needs.

Video verification
This provides greater scope across both residential and commercial applications; tailoring the system by designating which events are enabled/disabled for a specific notification, per app user.

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Verify and take action anytime, anywhere.

Having been alerted to the activity via ProControl+, by selecting the notification, the user is provided with a 25 second video.

The clip, which can be downloaded and stored as an MP4 file, shows 15 seconds pre-alarm and 10 seconds post-alarm; allowing the user to truly verify the activation, before taking appropriate action.

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With control, monitoring, video, voice push notifications and video verification now already added to ProControl+, with many more developments in the pipeline, now’s the time to make the switch.