Product Focus: the Outdoor Wi-Fi/PoE Mini Dome Camera

Keep an eye outside with the Outdoor Wi-Fi/PoE Mini Dome Camera

It’s time to add a new dimension to outdoor protection, while entering new market applications to grow your business.

Instead of simply detecting intrusion as it takes place, you can offer your users early warning alongside the ability to see exactly what is happening around the property, day and night, with the Outdoor Wi-Fi/PoE Mini Dome Camera.

Utilising the same ProControl+ smart device application that provides voice push notifications, remote control and monitoring of compatible Grade 2 and 3 Pyronix security systems, your users will also enjoy the added functions and benefits of Full-HD video, anytime, anywhere.

Easy to install and setup, the outdoor camera provides a stepping stone to live video alarm verification, alongside remote video surveillance monitoring and video recording on a local SD card*.

So, should there be any of the XD range of outdoor detectors fitted to the property, you can upsell so that if any intrusion is detected, the user will not only receive early warning that the perimeter has been breached with a voice push notification via ProControl+, but they can then simply switch to the camera to verify exactly what is happening in real-time, in Full-HD and take appropriate action.

Delivering the ability to watch over properties, outbuildings, sheds, vehicles, gardens, garages and more, the camera boasts a whole host of innovative features and technologies that maintain excellent outdoor performance and video quality.

With IP66 weatherproof rating, the outdoor camera is dust tight and capable of withstanding severe weather conditions; making it robust and reliable no matter what the weather. It is also protected from any attempts to damage or break it, with IK10 vandal resistance providing high resilience to impacts from such as a baseball bat or a hammer.


In terms of video, the camera delivers Full-HD 1080p images in real-time day and night via ProControl+; with auto day/night mode automatically adjusting to the light conditions so that, for example, when it goes dark the camera will switch to night vision; using infrared LED light, which is invisible to the human eye, to illuminate the area and provide clear images up to 30m.

Furthermore, in low-light conditions where video footage can appear pixelated and barely visible due to noise effect, 3D-Digital Noise Reduction (3D-DNR) dramatically reduces this to provide clear images with minimal disruption. This is particularly effective when capturing moving images.



While in daylight, the camera maintains optimum performance and clarity of image, with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). This feature handles a wide range of lighting conditions to ensure the image quality doesn’t suffer from under or over exposure. For example, if it is a sunny day, there can be heavy contrasting light between areas where the sun is shining and where there is shadow; WDR balances the lighting conditions of both the foreground and background to ensure neither is indistinguishable and clear images are maintained throughout.

No Wide Dynamic Range Wide Dynamic Range


The outdoor camera also delivers the ultimate flexibility in installation and setup. With a 3-axis system, you can mount the camera in any orientation while maintaining full control over the viewing angle; affix the camera and then pan, tilt and rotate the camera module within to deliver a straight and level image every time.

Once fitted simply connect the camera to the wireless network and login to it via ProControl+ and it’s ready to go. Furthermore, it boasts both Wi-Fi and PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity; allowing you to choose whether to connect wirelessly to the property’s existing Wi-Fi connection, or to run one Ethernet cable to deliver both power and communication from the same cable.


The camera is available to purchase individually in three lens options, so that you can purchase the individual camera that offers the best angle of coverage for each installation:

  • 8mm: A smaller focal length to widen the image and provide ideal coverage of large spaces such as gardens. (Horizontal angle of view 115°).
  • 4mm: A slightly bigger focal length to narrow the image and provide ideal coverage of smaller sub-spaces such as entrances or patios. (Horizontal angle of view 90°).
  • 6mm: An even bigger focal length to narrow the image further and provide ideal coverage of tighter spaces, such as driveways, pathways or along perimeter walls. (Horizontal angle of view 53.9°).
2.8mm lens 4mm lens 6mm lens


Now is the time to diversify your offering and bring intrusion and video together seamlessly with the Outdoor Wi-Fi/PoE Mini Dome Camera and ProControl+.

Delivering the ultimate integrated security system, which is easy and efficient to install and provides new market applications to grow your business and increase your competitiveness in a converging arena.


Security peace of mind and video function with the same ProControl+ and award-winning Pyronix systems for you and your users alike.


*SD-card not included.