Pyronix set to showcase its perimeter protection solutions at the ADI Expo Belfast

Offering installers business growth opportunities, Pyronix will demonstrate how its XDL12TT-WE outdoor detector, alongside its Full-HD Wi-Fi cameras and ProControl+ app, adds a new dimension to security.


“It will be a really good show and we’re looking forward to showing all the value and added benefits that our perimeter protection solutions alongside the recently updated ProControl+ app can offer,” Jim McAuley, Pyronix Account Manager – NI & Ireland, said.

Security that can detect and alert of intruders before they have the opportunity to break in, is one of the most efficient and effective ways to secure any property.

Pyronix perimeter protection solutions provide assured and reliable detection and video performance, for early warning and visual verification capabilities, even in the most extreme outdoor conditions.

“By delivering perimeter protection with both video and intrusion capabilities in one, we supply a complete security solution that can be tailored to suit the security and interactivity needs of the property and end user alike,” Jim said.

He continues: “Adding our XDL12TT-WE outdoor detector as a switcher zone in the panel, while enabling the perimeter voice push notification in the PyronixCloud, will deliver an alert to the end user via ProControl+; grabbing their attention and informing them of the activity.

“If our outdoor Mini Dome camera has also been installed in vicinity of the detector, the user can then switch to video within ProControl+ to visually verify exactly what’s happening and take appropriate action.

“This system setup and functionality adds tangible value to the user, while adding new dimensions to what our professional installers can offer.

“With the latest update to our ProControl+ app, the user also enjoys total security confidence with remote control and video monitoring capabilities, as well as enhanced stability, performance, improved GUI, UX and much more, while the installer receives a host of remote management benefits.”

To find out more about how the solution can deliver a custom security solution every time, as well as remote diagnostics, recurring revenue and heightened customer retention, make sure you visit Pyronix on 7 March at the Titanic Hotel, for the ADI Expo Belfast.