Pyronix releases update to ProControl+

With our commitment to continuous improvement we’re delighted to deliver ProControl+ version 2.0

Listening to customer feedback, our latest update refines the stability and performance of ProControl+, addresses bug fixes, as well as introduces a whole host of added features and functions to deliver even more value to installers and end users alike.


So, what’s new?

Selectable Voice Push Notifications

Understanding that users may wish to receive some alerts over others, we’ve made our notifications selectable. Now, using the PyronixCloud infrastructure, both voice and push notifications can be enabled or disabled specifically to tailor to the user’s preferences and needs. This advances the setup; allowing the installer to deliver a completely customisable solution every time.

Switcher Inputs for Specific Notifications

Recognising that voice notifications deliver a unique selling point to our security solutions, we’ve extended their capabilities further with programmable switcher inputs in the control panel. This means that inputs can be programmed to trigger specific voice notifications when activated.

Delivering Superior Perimeter Protection

By programming an outdoor XD detector into the Enforcer control panel as a switcher zone, when an intruder is detected, a “Perimeter Breached” voice notification will be delivered to ProControl+; alerting the user of the activity and allowing them to take appropriate action. If the installer adds an outdoor Mini Dome camera to the property in vicinity of the XD, the user can then switch to video within ProControl+ to visually verify what’s happening!

More Notifications, more options; better informed

Recognising that voice notifications deliver a unique selling point to our security solutions, we’ve extended their capabilities further, by adding and enhancing the library of sounds! Now, ProControl+ alongside the Enforcer system and the arsenal of Pyronix intrusion and life-safety peripherals, informs and alerts the user in greater detail of any arming status, alarms and events… these include:

  • Perimeter Breached
  • System Armed and Disarmed
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Fire
  • Panic Alarm
  • Emergency
  • Alert Faults
  • Events
  • Chime

Biometric Authorisation

As part of our commitment to development, face ID and fingerprint capabilities have also been added into the login process*; adding an extra layer of security to video monitoring. This extra layer secures cameras and creates two-step verification for the Enforcer control panel.

*Smart device must have inbuilt biometric recognition features.

Improved Graphical User Interface (GUI) and User Experience (UX)
The latest version enables users to change icon and text size to suit their preferences. The control panel navigation has also been redesigned so that users can quickly expand or minimise area details to see a top-level view of the system, or a detailed view of each sensor status.


ProControl+: The app that speaks for itself


Please Note: ProControl+ v2.0 availability on Android™  and iOS™  is subject to app store release. This process can be immediate or it can take up to several days to process and appear in the app stores.


Pyronix Training Academy – #PyronixSay has you covered

For detailed information about ProControl+ version 2.0, including navigation, setup, configuration via PyronixCloud and upgrading from HomeControl+, check out our dedicated ProControl+ #PyronixSay page here.