The LightCamera: In the spotlight with Simon Reeve

The LightCamera is a great addition to the Pyronix outdoor range and comes at the perfect time, with a rapidly growing demand from both end users and installers alike for additional solutions outside of the premises.

This superior video solution puts the user in control, with access to live video, playback of events and alerts whenever someone enters the property via the smart phone app, while providing your business with another great upsell to the intruder alarm system, or a standalone product for the customer.

In domestic, retail and commercial scenarios alike, the desire for protecting vehicles, outbuildings, farm equipment and tools and equipment stored in vans, has become more common since Pyronix launched the XDL12TT-WE external Tri-Tech detector over two years ago.

With the clear changes to lifestyle this year, this demand has intensified, with homeowners using the money they’d normally spend on holidays abroad to purchase caravans for UK holidays, along with leisure equipment such as electric bikes, trampolines and motorcycles.

These high-value items are often kept in poorly secured sheds or even outside in the garden and traditional security protection covering inside the premises needs to adapt to include these new valuable and high-risk items.

Benefits to the user

With many users objecting to a traditional surveillance system due to aesthetics, cost or fear of the complexity of owning these systems, the LightCamera has been designed to overcome these reservations and provide the ideal security, outdoor light and active defence solution.

Available in white or black, the LightCamera fits well against windows, drains and soffits to provide a discreet solution for every home. Meanwhile, the simplicity of swapping an old halogen floodlight with PIR to the LightCamera, provides a really simple, cost-effective and feature-rich solution for every homeowner.

The LightCamera is also easy to use with ProControl+, which allows users direct access to live video at home or remotely, playback of events and alerts when the perimeter has been breached, as well as manually activating the lights.

Along with video verification capabilities, advanced video verification can be delivered when linking the LightCamera with the XDL12TT-WE. With this setup, when the XDL12TT-WE is triggered, the user receives a “perimeter breached” voice push notification to alert them of the activity, alongside video verification.

The user then has the chance to not only visually verify any alert, but also take direct action via the LightCamera; speaking through two-way talk or manually sounding the siren to startle and scare-off potential intruders, as the LightCamera’s dual lights automatically illuminate the area when an intruder is detected.

Benefits for you and your business

The LightCamera offers another great upsell or standalone solution.

With similar consumer products becoming well known and advertising directly to consumers, the demand is already being driven, but with solutions that are well beyond the capabilities of most home and business owners.

With a low market cost, there is good opportunity for profit on the LightCamera, whilst still being competitive with the consumer equivalent.

Many consumer grade products also charge a subscription annually to record clips, whereas the Pyronix LightCamera is subscription free and uses either a MicroSD Card, a local Visual Surveillance NVR or both together.

With no product branding you can mark the LightCamera with your own company logo and add your logo to the smartphone app tied to the intruder alarm system; this complete OEM solution creates a branded product portfolio driving further business back to your business.

Installation of the LightCamera is also very simple, requiring just a 230v AC mains electrical supply, a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and a user with a compatible Apple iOS or Android smart phone or tablet, if replacing an existing floodlight it becomes even easier.

We have a number of training modules available on our Training On-Demand platform, weekly webinars and a training video below which is dedicated to installation of the LightCamera to help you kick the ground running.

By providing a cost-effective, feature-rich product for end users and great upselling and revenue capabilities with ease of installation for you and your business, the LightCamera really stands out above similar consumer-level products.

Not only that, but by providing advanced video verification, further upsell is generated; extending the security offering by installing XDL12TT-WE detectors to deliver even greater value to both you and your customers.

Since we are now in the autumn/winter season, we know that intruders like to capitalise on the darker, longer nights and we know that the best way to keep a property safe starts with the perimeter. Therefore, consider adding the LightCamera to your basket of goods to stop intruders in their tracks and keep your users safe.

For more information on the LightCamera get in touch with your Pyronix Local Account manager for a full demonstration or training session.