Turn your attention outside with the wireless XDL12TT-WE detector

Extend your offering to the perimeter and increase the value of the system, by adding an easy-to-fit outdoor detector that alerts your customers as soon as anyone approaches their property.

A simple upsell, you can efficiently install the XDL12TT-WE Tri-Technology detector, with a range of mounting options, to deliver the perfect angle and coverage pattern required.

Breaking from tradition

Security alarm systems traditionally focus on detecting intruders after they gain entry to a property, or as they attempt to. By fitting the XDL12TT-WE, you deliver a much more proactive and modern approach, with a solution that notifies your customers before a break in can even be attempted.

Perfectly suited for the outdoors

Featuring anti-sway analytics, tri-signal detection logic and IP55 weatherproof rating, the detector is ideally suited to fluctuating outdoor conditions, while its Dual-Vision Pet Immune feature gives animal tolerance up to 24kg (1m high), before an alarm is generated.

Adding to your basket of goods

By adding an XDL12TT-WE to a new or existing Enforcer V11 system, you can deliver ‘perimeter breached’ voice push notifications directly to your customers, via HomeControl2.0 or ProControl+ on their smart device, as soon as the detector is triggered.

If a LightCamera, which can easily replace existing floodlights, is installed in proximity to the detector, the zone can be linked to deliver video verification via ProControl+ (soon on HomeControl2.0), alongside the voice push notification. With this setup, your customer is alerted and can then see exactly what’s happening, before taking appropriate action.

Don’t give intruders a chance to break in, fit XDL12TT-WE’s and remove the opportunity to approach properties undetected. Perimeter protection is the most effective way of preventing intrusion, so make sure your customers are covered with this easy upsell.

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