Updated ProControl+ version 2.0 features – You asked, we listened

Since the release of ProControl+, we’re delighted to listen to customer feedback and develop the next generation of the app.

With the recent update to ProControl+ introducing a whole host of new advanced features, Pyronix is committed to providing customers with an overall superior user experience.

From the feedback we received, the need to improve the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and User Experience (UX) was identified, which is why in ProControl+ v2.0, we’ve made it even more user friendly with changeable icon and text sizes, expandable details and much more.


Expandable area details

The app now features a new expandable control panel, providing users with the ability to see both a top-level overview of the system and further individual detector status.

Changing icon and text size

For enhanced accessibility in the updated ProControl+, icon and text sizes can now be amended. With small, medium and large options, the interface can now be customised to suit the user’s needs.

Face and fingerprint recognition

ProControl+ now features biometric authorisation with facial and fingerprint recognition, providing an additional layer of security and creating a two-step verification for control panels.


As well as the improved GUI and UX, the latest update also provides enhanced performance and stability. Alongside this it also introduces an increased library of voice push notifications, which are selectable via the PyronixCloud; providing greater function and flexibility to create a security system that suits user preferences.

With its commitment to ProControl+, Pyronix is dedicated to continuously improving the app, with many more exciting features in the pipeline.

For detailed information about ProControl+, including navigation, setup, configuration via PyronixCloud and upgrading from HomeControl+, check out our dedicated ProControl+ #PyronixSay page here.

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