Perimeter Detectives


The Case

A concerned trade customer contacted Pyronix asking for assistance, after several outbuildings on a property had been frequently broken into and emptied. 

A security system was required that would deter further break-in attempts, inform the user of any activity and raise the alarm to anyone in the immediate vicinity.

The Operation

Assessing the situation and ascertaining the specifications of the building, Pyronix perimeter protection was the ideal response.

Utilising the multi-award-winning Enforcer system, five XDL12TT-WE outdoor detectors were fitted across the property to cover the entire perimeter, while two Deltabell sounders were added to provide high-audible alarms, alongside eight third-party 50W LED floodlights which would illuminate the area, should an intruder be present.

Outdoor Mini Dome Cameras were also fitted across multiple vantage points to capture any intrusion; offering remote video monitoring and recording for potential intruder identification and evidence purposes via ProControl+.

With ProControl+ a key part of the solution, a voice push notification would grab the users’ attention to any system activity, while the application also provides remote monitoring and control abilities anytime from anywhere, for added peace of mind.

How the operation unfolded

The alarm and commotion awoke neighbours, who called the police. The police subsequently apprehended the intruders just half-a-mile away.

The outdoor Mini Dome camera recognises the changing light conditions and switches to day mode.

Just 6 seconds after the alarm was raised, all intruders have fled the scene.

Startled, the intruder flees the scene, but is detected by an outdoor Mini Dome camera covering the area.

The Enforcer V10 raises the alarm; activating both Deltabell sounders, eight 50W LED floodlights and sending a voice push notification to the user via ProControl+.

An intruder lifts a fence panel, breaches the perimeter and is picked up by the XDL12TT-WE detector, which signals the Enforcer V10.

No sign of intruders at the property.

The Result

Following the installation of Pyronix perimeter protection, the property-owner had a visit from four burglars on 14 July at 1:18am. They had come to empty the outbuildings once again.

The intruder (seen in the video) lifted a fence panel, before being detected by one of the XDL12TT-WE detectors, which signalled the Enforcer V10. Having received the activation from the XDL12TT-WE, the Enforcer V10 raised the alarm; activating the two Deltabell sounders, along with all eight third-party 50W LED floodlights. Simultaneously, the owner was alerted by a voice push notification via ProControl+; grabbing their attention to the intrusion.

As seen in the video, the intruder quickly has a change of heart; fleeing the scene, but not before being captured by one of the outdoor Mini Dome cameras surveying the area.

The owner, who was at the property at the time, quickly deactivated the sounders and, upon investigation, heard footsteps outside the front of the house; witnessing four individuals running through a field towards a nearby getaway van.

The alarm and subsequent commotion had awoken neighbours, who called the police. The police apprehended the intruders just half-a-mile away.

Property secured and case closed!