Your Standalone Champions

Standalone Solutions. Limitless Potential.

From doorbell cameras to smart plugs and personal safety alarms, we’ve created our Standalone Champion products with your sales conversations in mind, offering you independent solutions to help you stand out from the crowd and convert more prospects.

They offer something unique too; because, while the devices function on their own, they can also be integrated into the full system.

Meet your Standalone Champions

Ideal for new customers, and even maintenance visits, our Standalone Champions provide more sales opportunities to set you up for success.


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The DoorbellCam

Open the door to new opportunities.

The standalone DoorbellCam is an outdoor, wire-free doorbell offering main-entrance protection and two-way communication. It’s designed to work for everyone, no matter the door or property - and with no wires, installation is super easy.

It’s a brilliant product for initiating sales conversations with new customers as it can be installed without the need for a Pyronix system. Your customers only have to download HomeControl2.0 on their smart phone to use it and, from there, they’ll never miss a visitor again!

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The BatteryCam

Snap up more installation sales.

Add video surveillance, anywhere. Standalone or integrated into the full system, the BatteryCam’s wireless design allows it to be placed wherever it’s required and moved whenever it’s needed.

Including the BatteryCam in your offering as a standalone solution will help you snap up more sales and reach a whole new customer base of properties that don’t have existing Pyronix systems. You’ll create receptive new customers, which you can then later promote the full system to – securing business now and in future.

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The Personal Help Alarm

Add FREE personal safety to your offering.

Prioritise the personal safety of your customers by providing the Personal Help Alarm completely free of charge. The standalone solution allows your customers to raise an alarm and send notification to family and/or friends that help is needed, whether inside or outside of the home.

Gifting the HomeControl2.0 Personal Help Alarm will help you to build goodwill and trust with new customers, taking the first steps in developing strong working relationships for years to come, all while creating opportunities to sell your other security solutions on offer.

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The SmartPlug

Switch on to Smarter solutions.

As a standalone solution, the SmartPlug offers smart control from anywhere. Working with HomeControl2.0, the SmartPlug delivers remote, on/off control of devices within the home, as well as personalised automation routines to effortlessly enhance life at home.

The SmartPlug is an ideal product to promote in your introductory sales conversations as it doesn’t need an existing Pyronix alarm system to work, so you can continue to make sales and build relationships without having to deliver the full system as well.

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