Keep your property safe this summer

As the unpredictable British summertime continues, maintain a secure property in all-weather conditions with Pyronix perimeter protection and ProControl+.


When the weather is warm, do you take any additional precautions to stay on top of your home’s security?

When you’re outside having a barbecue in the sunshine, are all your windows and doors locked, to ensure no one can gain unauthorised entry?

What if someone was to steal your car keys and wallet from your kitchen, whilst you’re enjoying time with family and friends in the garden?


During the warmer months of the year, many opportunistic burglars see open windows and doors as their chance to get in and out of a property quickly, whilst remaining undetected.

Stop them in their tracks by securing the perimeter with Pyronix XD detectors.

By fitting these outdoor detectors to the Enforcer system, you’ll be alerted to any unwelcome visitors with a voice push notification via ProControl+.

Whether you’re in the garden or upstairs, you can make the most of your summer, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be notified of any potential intruders via the app. By adding Pyronix outdoor cameras as well, you can also switch to the live stream via ProControl+ and visually verify any activity; recording and storing any clips.

By also ensuring your windows and doors are secure, you can add a new layer to your security.

For those days when the weather isn’t so nice, be rest assured that all XD detectors feature Pyronix auto-sensitivity technology, meaning intruder detection performance and stability are never compromised. The XD also boasts an IP55 weatherproof rating, meaning it’s resistant to high density rain.

With enhanced perimeter protection, safeguard your property and enjoy your summer with complete peace of mind.