ProControl+ version 2.0 extends the capabilities of professional security

Following the recent update of ProControl+, every Enforcer system can be tailored to deliver the functions and alerts that users desire.

Whether outdoor detection or life safety protection, the system can now be customised to send specific notifications and/or voice push notifications via the app, to alert the user of exactly what’s happening in much more detail.

Available on Android and iOS, version 2.0 of ProControl+ has provided the capability to program peripherals as specific switcher inputs in the Enforcer control panel, while enabling and/or disabling the individual push and voice push notifications via the PyronixCloud. This provides complete installation flexibility to deliver specific push or voice push notifications, depending on the setup of the system and the preferences of the user.

ProControl+: The app that speaks for itself

So, should the user wish to receive push notifications of setting activity, but only voice push notifications of alarm activations and life safety issues, such as smoke or carbon monoxide – the system can now be configured to deliver the information they want, how they want it.

Alongside the entire arsenal of Pyronix peripherals, this new capability provides a wealth of business growth opportunities for both installations and upsells. This includes superior perimeter protection solutions by adding outdoor XD detectors, or greater life safety awareness via devices such as the SMOKE-WE or CO-WE. With the Pyronix total Wi-Fi solution, the installer delivers greater interactivity and awareness to the user.

For example, to deliver superior perimeter protection, if an XD is programmed as a switcher input in the Enforcer panel, when an intruder activates the detector a “Perimeter Breached” voice push notification will be delivered via ProControl+, rather than an alarm activation.

This immediately grabs the attention of the user; alerting them of the presence of an intruder, before an attempt to break into the property, an outbuilding or a vehicle can even take place. If an outdoor Mini Dome camera is installed in vicinity of the XD, the user can also switch to video within ProControl+ to visually verify exactly what’s happening and take appropriate action.

The Pyronix range of Full-HD Wi-Fi cameras can be added throughout any property to extend video monitoring even further; offering around-the-clock monitoring and verification capabilities inside and out, no matter what the activity, time or where the user is.

The latest update of ProControl+ also provides a new and improved Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as boosted User Experience (UX), with face ID and fingerprint capabilities. Compatible with all Hikvision video products and with more developments in the pipeline, ProControl+ continues to deliver. To find out more and to make the switch to ProControl+ today, click here.