Standalone Champions: BatteryCam vs DoorbellCam

The Standalone Champions are about being useable, versatile and affordable. These concepts are perfectly embodied by our newest Wi-Fi cameras: DoorbellCam and BatteryCam.

DoorbellCam is a wall-mounted camera with a modern black-on-white design sitting in a smooth white casing. Our camera is replacing old fashioned doorbells, switching out the limited functionality of the classic tech for cloud and app integration, live video interface and a sleeker look. Visitors press the device’s bell button and, instead of only producing a noise that is limited to the home, the user is notified through their phone where they can then talk through the device and see who’s there.

The Pyronix BatteryCam is an altogether different product with more use cases. Its ease of install makes for a multifaceted alternative to the DoorbellCam whilst also being useful for almost all surveillance solutions in and around the home.

Such versatility is a possibility due to both products having no need for a power supply unit and boasting lengthy battery lives – in fact the BatteryCam has the edge with up to 12 months stand-by time against half a year for the DoorbellCam.

The cameras on board the two devices are identical; sending a 130 degree wide-angle view to connected smartphones where the user can see the camera’s feed live, zoom in and even record footage to review later. Even in the dark, our Champions are ideal for surveillance with their impressive Night Mode.

Both devices sit at a lower price point than their industry competitors whilst displaying similar and better features in virtually all categories. However, they do not have to be bought alone and both offer enhanced unit pricing when bought with their own kits – DOORBELL/KIT-SDC and BATTERYCAM/KIT-SDSOL.

Whilst we are promoting their ability to stand alone in the home and provide improved security with ease, these two devices can be optimised when combined with the rest of our range of security solution. Integration through the HomeControl2.0 app allows clients to control their alarm systems, cameras, smart devices and more all in one user-friendly place where automations can be conveniently created by the installing engineer or the end-user.

With its extended battery life and more apt design, the DoorbellCam is perfect revolutionising the process of answering the door: allowing client’s to do this anytime from anywhere, safely and securely. Conversely, the BatteryCam finds a niche in versatility. This hugely capable alternative has too many use cases to list and provides a solution to a huge array of household security needs. Whilst both have their separate advantages and specific uses, both the BatteryCam and DoorbellCam are definitely Standalone Champions.