The CarDefender

Protecting your vehicle from theft and intrusion


Now’s the time to invest in vehicle security. 

The CarDefender protects your vehicle at home, working with your Pyronix alarm system to deter potential intruders by raising an alarm in the event of an attempted theft.

Notification is sent directly to your mobile phone, alerting you immediately, so you can take preventative action as soon as possible.

With flexible configuration and selectable detection modes, a brightly-coloured silicone mount for visual deterrence, and a convenient “Back to Home (B2H)” button to easily reconnect the device to your alarm system when returning home, the CarDefender offers everything you need to safely secure your vehicle at home.




“Vehicle theft is rising very steeply, and we are worried that more cars will be taken this year as gangs continue to attack innocent drivers by taking their prized possessions.”

– Gus Park, Managing Director of AA Insurance Services.




The AA has issued a warning that car thefts could rise substantially in 2023, following data released by the Office of National Statistics that states just over 123,000 vehicles were stolen between September 2021 and September 2022.

That’s a huge 29% increase in thefts from the previous 12 month period!

Learn more about what’s causing the recent increase in car thefts >>



See the CarDefender in action



P.S. Did you know that HomeControl2.0 includes a personal safety feature?

With a press of the SOS button in the HomeControl2.0 app, your Personal Help Alarm is activated, notifying your chosen contact bubble to your distress and location.

Operating on a standalone basis, you don’t need to be a Pyronix customer to use the feature – and there are no subscription charges!