#PyronixSay you can upsell any system, with our Full-HD Wi-Fi cameras

The new range of HD Wi-Fi cameras from Pyronix can provide a stand-alone video monitoring system, or can be added to any existing installation, no matter what brand or level of control panel.

Now, you can expand your offerings to include Full-HD video monitoring, which will also turn any maintenance visit into an upsell opportunity.

Alongside the ProControl+ app, the cameras can be fitted to provide a professional-level video solution, that can deliver the monitoring requirements of the end user, whether they have a security system or not.

If they want a monitoring system that can cover their entrances and exits, living areas, garages, driveways, conservatories, gardens, vans or anything else, the indoor Cube and PT Dome or the outdoor Mini Dome can be installed.

Delivering outstanding specification, the Wi-Fi cameras are easy to install and set up, to provide video monitoring on-the-go from anywhere via ProControl+.

So, end users can check on their pets while they’re at work, see if their children got home safe from school, or even use them to see whether they had any visitors during the night, with local recording capability via a compatible SD card. All this is available at the end user’s finger tips on the application.

Some of the key features of the range include:

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

WDR handles a wide range of lighting conditions to deliver clear video in any scene. If there is heavy contrasting light, WDR balances the lighting conditions of both the foreground and background to deliver clear images throughout.

Wi-Fi & PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity

Installation couldn’t be easier or more flexible with Wi-Fi or PoE connectivity. Fit the camera where required and connect wirelessly to the property’s existing Wi-Fi connection or run one Ethernet cable to deliver both power and communication from the same lead.

Real-Time Full-HD Video Day & Night 

Pyronix IP cameras deliver perfectly clear video by automatically adjusting to light conditions. When dark, the cameras switch to night vision and even in total darkness still provide clear images, by using invisible Infrared (IR) LED light to illuminate the area.


In low-light conditions video footage can be pixelated and hardly visible, due to noise effect. With 3D-DNR (3D-Digital Noise Reduction), this is dramatically reduced to provide clear images with minimal disruption. This is particularly effective when capturing moving images.

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No panel, no problem! Any panel, no problem!

As the HD Wi-Fi cameras connect to the ProControl+ app, they do not need to be connected with any Pyronix system. In fact, they do not require a security system at all, to be installed and utilised.

The range provides you with the ultimate upsell opportunity as it can be added to any property without any security, or with any brand of security system, no matter what the specification.

As long as the user has internet, the Pyronix Wi-Fi cameras can be installed.

What about Pyronix security systems?

As ProControl+ is fully compatible with both the Wi-Fi cameras, as well as the Enforcer V10 and EURO 46 V10, the benefits of utilising them both together provides a completely integrated solution, with both live video monitoring and security combined into one total Wi-Fi solution.

With this potent combination, end users can switch between security and video for live video alarm verification.

As the Enforcer V10 and EURO 46 V10 can also be controlled via the same application, this provides the user with a completely integrated security solution.