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EURO Hybrid Kit 2


This expansion kit seamlessly links the Enforcer two-way wireless range to EURO wired control panels. It includes three wireless dual-technology detectors and a magnetic door contact, bolstering security in areas where wiring doesn’t reach.

Key Features
  • Ideal for rooms with large expanses of glass
  • Compatible with keypads and keyfobs
  • Delivers 32 wireless zones

Product Features

Hybrid Expansion

Allows you to connect the Enforcer two-way wireless range to your EURO wired control panels, with three wireless Dual Technology (DT) detectors and a mini magnetic contact.

Add 32 wireless zones

The EURO-ZEM32-WE wireless input expander delivers 32 wireless zones to your installation.

Wireless Arming

Widen your options of the arming devices with the ability to include wireless keypads and keyfobs.


Two can be added to the EURO 46 V10 security control panel and up to three added to the EURO 280 providing you with up to 96 wireless zones.

The EURO ZEM32-WE compatible with all Pyronix panels with V9 software and above.

Product Codes & Options

EURO Hybrid Kit 2
SAP: 361300992
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EURO Hybrid Kit 2
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