Enjoy Christmas with total security confidence

Make sure everyone but intruders enjoy the festive period with the Pyronix total Wi-Fi solution

It might be the season to be jolly, but with homes loaded with presents and families traveling to see loved ones, it’s also a time which traditionally sees an increase in crime rates.
So, now is also the season to increase not only the awareness and safety of your users, but your business potential as well, with the Pyronix total Wi-Fi solution.

Protecting homes, outbuildings and businesses is always a priority, but at a time of the year when you should be enjoying time with loved ones and preparing for the impending visit of the in-laws, you can finish more jobs and diagnose and resolve systems without call outs.

In doing so you will also be delivering your users a security solution that not only surpasses the security requirements of their residential and small commercial properties up to Grade 2, but also their needs and functions.

How? With the Enforcer control panel which comes with DIGI-WIFI communication for free as standard, our range of Full-HD Wi-Fi cameras and the entire arsenal of two-way wireless peripherals; all integrated and controllable remotely from anywhere with the PyronixCloud and the ProControl+ smart device application, featuring voice push notifications which will grab the users’ attention.

Protecting from the perimeter

One of the most effective ways to prevent intruders is to detect them before they get the opportunity to break in.

Awareness of the perimeter is always a challenge, but particularly in the winter months where darker mornings, evenings and fluctuating weather conditions can cause all sorts of complications. By installing the XDL12TT-WE detector, the outdoor Wi-Fi Mini Dome Camera, MC1/SHOCK-WE, MC1MINI-WE, and Deltabell-WE you can be sure the property is secure and the awareness of the user is maximised prior to any potential break-in attempts.

Utilising enhanced technologies, the XDL12TT-WE can overcome even the most extreme outdoor conditions and swaying vegetation, while the MC1/SHOCK-WE and MC1MINI-WE will provide the next layer of protection; ensuring doors and windows are secure.

Meanwhile, the Deltabell-WE can provide the ideal visual deterrent for the user, as well as advertising opportunity for your installation company. Check out our new Enforcer Kit 5, developed with perimeter protection in mind.

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Voice push notifications, remote control & monitoring with ProControl+

Robust and reliable intrusion solutions seamlessly integrated with video monitoring allows the user to receive voice push notifications remotely via ProControl+; alerting them of any activities or activations on the system and then visually verifying this, no matter where they are.

Therefore, with ProControl+ the user will receive voice push notifications of any event to grab their attention and enable them to react and take necessary action. So, should the XDL12TT-WE pick up an intruder and signal this to the Enforcer, when programmed as a switcher zone, the user will receive a ‘Perimeter Breached’ notification via the app and can then switch to the Wi-Fi Mini Dome Camera to visually verify the activity.

Utilising the CO-WE and SMOKE-WE sensors the user will be informed of any life safety issues, while the range of KX detectors will raise the alarm should there be any indoor intrusion. With the addition of the Indoor Wi-Fi Cube or Indoor Wi-Fi PT Dome the user can again visually verify any indoor activation or activity in proximity to the cameras and take appropriate action.

Available on Android™ from the Google Play Store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App store, with ProControl+ users can also check system status, set and unset, check history and control any wired-in automation outputs, such as garage doors or lighting.

Intrusion and video seamlessly integrated or as standalone solutions, with ProControl+.

Fast to install & easy to program

As the Pyronix Total Wi-Fi solution utilises Pyronix award-winning two-way wireless technology, installation has never been easier or more efficient. Giving you the chance to finish more jobs before Christmas, while providing your users with a superior experience.

Where wired installations can be destructive and invasive, Pyronix two-way wireless technology provides a much cleaner and efficient installation, without running cables, lifting floorboards, drilling through walls or rearranging furniture. This causes much less disruption to your users as well as a much faster and efficient fit for you, without compromising on quality.

With wired devices, should connecting cables be damaged or cut the control panel would recognise this and go into fault. Pyronix two-way wireless technology employs full supervision to replicate this; enabling the Enforcer to constantly supervise the devices to ensure there are no issues and that it is all in complete working condition.

Meanwhile, if any jamming is detected, the panel will go into jamming alarm and notify the user. This is because each Pyronix two-way wireless device is both a transmitter and a receiver; ensuring messages are received by each device in real-time, with 128-bit wireless encryption protecting the transmitted signalling and preventing any code-grabbing. This delivers the wireless system with a very high level of protection and reliability.

Furthermore, all Pyronix two-way wireless peripherals feature a high sensitivity antenna which provides a wireless signal range of up to 1.6km in open space, with Gaussian Frequency Modulation (GFM) utilised to spread the signal, while reducing unwanted noise and harmonics; meeting stringent European, ETSI and other worldwide standards. They also feature signal strength indicators and one-push-to-learn protocols to enable you to fit them around the property without having to refer back to the panel; optimising installation efficiency even further. Meanwhile, with instant two-way device control (ITDC), when the system is set the device is instantly and constantly awake and when the system is unset the device sleeps. This setup delivers enhanced security with increased battery life, unlike other systems on the market.

Furthermore, the Enforcer also boasts uniformed fully menu-driven programming to optimise navigation efficiency, with simple ‘YES/NO’ questions allowing faster and optimised installing; saving you time and money.

DIGI-WIFI included as standard for instant PyronixCloud & ProControl+ capabilities

As PSTN and traditional phone lines continue to develop issues since the move to digital, with IP communications continuing to go from strength to strength, a DIGI-WIFI module is supplied for free, as standard, with the Enforcer to deliver PyronixCloud and ProControl+ connectivity and all the benefits they provide, right out of the box.

As the Enforcer is connected through a cloud server, there is no need to set up static IP addresses or configure the network connection onsite, instead you simply setup the account on PyronixCloud.com.

PyronixCloud also enables remote diagnostics and programming of systems using InSite UDL software, meaning you don’t have to worry about any unwanted call outs during your turkey dinner – instead you can login, diagnose and potentially resolve any issues without leaving your home, or, should you have to visit site you will arrive knowing exactly what the issue is; optimising the time spent at site and enhancing your customer experience.

PyronixCloud is also the gateway between the Enforcer and ProControl+; acting as the online administration software and controlling the access between panels and the app. This allows you to activate and deactivate app users on the system, as well as control the voice push notifications the user will receive from the various events that can happen.

Streams of recurring revenue can also be established by offering PyronixCloud management services; managing this or passing access to users. This increases customer retention and makes the system more profitable.

The PyronixCloud is hosted with Amazon Web Services, utilising load balance technology and Health Monitoring for stable, high performance.

So, be safe & secure this Christmas with the Pyronix Total Wi-Fi Solution