Starting 2019 with total security confidence

Protecting from the perimeter with the Pyronix total Wi-Fi solution

As we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019, it’s a time for new beginnings, new approaches and new outlooks.

So, why not start by adding a new dimension to your security offering; growing and developing your business potential, while ensuring your end users are provided with an even more interactive, robust and secure security solution?

You can, by protecting from the perimeter with the Pyronix total Wi-Fi solution.

Utilise the Enforcer control panel, which comes with DIGI-WIFI communication for free as standard, alongside the entire arsenal of Pyronix two-way wireless perimeter peripherals and the outdoor    Wi-Fi Mini Dome Camera. All this is integrated and controllable remotely from anywhere with PyronixCloud infrastructure and the ProControl+ smart device application, featuring voice push notifications which will grab the users’ attention.

With this system, you can completely tailor the solution with an added layer of security protection: fortifying from the perimeter inwards. This same solution will allow you to finish more jobs, generate recurring revenue, increase customer retention and diagnose and resolve systems without necessarily having to go to site.

Protection starts with the perimeter

One of the most effective ways to prevent intruders is to detect them before they get the opportunity to break in.

Throughout the year, awareness of the perimeter is a challenge, with vastly fluctuating weather conditions and temperatures causing all kinds of issues for outdoor detection.

By installing the XDL12TT-WE outdoor detector, along with the MC1/SHOCK-WE and MC1MINI-WE, you can be sure the property is secured, while adding the Wi-Fi Mini Dome camera enables the user to video monitor and verify any outdoor activity.

The XDL12TT-WE utilises enhanced technologies to overcome extreme outdoor conditions and swaying vegetation, for assured performance throughout 2019, while the MC1/SHOCK-WE and MC1MINI-WE will ensure doors and windows are secure. Meanwhile, adding a Deltabell-WE will provide the ideal visual deterrent for any potential intruders, as well as an ideal advertising opportunity for your business; increasing brand awareness.

Add ProControl+ into the mix, integrating the system via PyronixCloud, and the user will also enjoy total security confidence with remote control and video monitoring capabilities from anywhere. The smart device application also boasts voice push notifications to alert the user of any activity on the system so that they are able to react and take appropriate action, alongside the ability to check system status, set and unset, check history and more.

So, should the XDL12TT-WE be programmed as a switcher zone and pick up an intruder, it will signal to the Enforcer and the user will receive a ‘Perimeter Breached’ voice push notification via the app to alert them of the activity. The user can then switch to the Wi-Fi Mini Dome Camera to visually verify the activity so that they can then take appropriate action. Therefore, the awareness of your user is maximised before any potential break-in attempt can even take place.


Wi-Fi communications as standard

The Enforcer is supplied with a DIGI-WIFI module for free as standard, so that the solution delivers PyronixCloud and ProControl+ capability right out of the box; connecting quickly and easily to the user’s existing Wi-Fi network.

This adds more to your offering, as the system can work as a stand-alone bells-only system, or can be fitted with the DIGI-WIFI to deliver all the added function and benefits of PyronixCloud and ProControl+.

PyronixCloud infrastructure are delivers a whole host of benefits to you and your business, with remote diagnostics and programming alongside Automatic Remote Maintenance using InSite UDL software; optimising efficiency and saving you both time and money. The PyronixCloud also generates streams of recurring revenue, giving high retention rates and year-on-year income for heightened longevity and making the system more profitable for you to install in the longer term.

Furthermore, as the Enforcer connects through a cloud server, there is no need to set up static IP addresses or configure the network connection onsite, instead you simply need to set up the account on


Optimise your business with fast & efficient installation

The Enforcer control panel boasts uniformed fully menu-driven programming to enhance installation efficiency. It also utilises multi-award-winning Pyronix two-way wireless technology for a much cleaner and efficient installation than wired, without compromising on security.

Traditional wired installations used to comprise of drilling holes, running cables, lifting floorboards and much more. This was often time consuming and very invasive. A wireless installation reduces this significantly, while providing the same levels of coverage.

As in a wired system, should a cable be broken or damaged, the panel would notify of a fault. Pyronix multi-award-winning two-way wireless utilises full supervision; allowing the Enforcer to monitor the system similarly to how it would a wired to ensure full working condition, while instant two-way device control (ITDC) delivers enhanced security with increased battery life.

All Pyronix two-way wireless peripherals feature a high-sensitivity antenna which provides a superior wireless signal range without the need for repeaters, again saving you valuable time and money on installation. Utilising Gaussian Frequency Modulation (GFM) optimises Pyronix’ wireless protocol; spreading the signal, while reducing unwanted noise and harmonics. All Pyronix devices also feature signal strength indicators and one-push-to-learn functionality; meaning that you don’t have to keep referring to the panel so that installation efficiency is again optimised to save you time and enhance the service experience of the user.

Furthermore, the security and robustness of the system is maintained over the long term, with any jamming attempts detected and messages received in real-time, with 128-bit wireless encryption delivering a very high-level of protection and reliability. Giving both you and your users total peace of mind that the system is dependable and safe.


So, start 2019 the right way, by adding new dimensions to your professional security offerings, with the Pyronix total Wi-Fi solution.