Protect the Perimeter

How close can an intruder get to your customer’s front door before the alarm goes off? Can they wander into the garden or stroll up the path without detection? Maybe even reach the door? Traditional UK alarm systems tend to only kick into action once an intruder is inside the house, which is simply too late.

The solution? Perimeter protection. It’s all about securing not just the interior but the entire property outline, so property owners can be alerted the moment someone crosses the garden, driveway, or fence boundaries—long before they get near the house. Pyronix has a range of devices perfect for delivering a multi-layer approach.

The control panel

At the heart of any comprehensive security solution lies the control panel. Our award-winning professional alarm systems are designed to meet a wide range of security needs, spanning from small residential properties to large commercial establishments.

Meet the Enforcer V11, our versatile two-way wireless Grade 2 control panel, perfect for both residential and small commercial applications. It represents our latest and most advanced system to date, offering enhanced value in every installation. With features encompassing security, automation, and customisable video options, it caters to the unique preferences of every user.

The system ensures complete installation flexibility, featuring wireless and hybrid capabilities to tailor solutions to your customers’ specific requirements. Additionally, its built-in Wi-Fi facilitates seamless integration with your customers’ existing routers, while app connectivity provides a user-friendly interface for effortless system control and management.

To do this, we recommend using our HomeControl2.0 app. It provides unmatched control over home security, boasting features like geofence-based arming and disarming alerts, as well as biometric log-in. Plus, our most recent update introduces a host of fresh and user-friendly features, including DoorbellCam, BatteryCam and SmartPlug integration and a free-to-use Personal Help Alarm.


Detectors are key to building a multi-layered approach. When considering the perimeter, ‘outdoor’ or ‘external’ detectors are a great place to start.

External detectors are designed to tackle the outdoor environment head-on. They can seamlessly adapt to sudden temperature changes and weather fluctuations, and have the ability to differentiate between moving pets or animals and potential intruders.

One such device is our XDL12TT-WE, a two-way wireless outdoor detector with an IP55 rating. Installation is a breeze, thanks to its flexibility and non-invasive nature—no digging up gardens or drilling through walls required. What sets this product apart is its adaptability in coverage. For instance, if your property is near a busy road or path, you can adjust it to minimize false alarms.

The XDL12TT-WE also features an anti-sway analytics function, which effectively prevents false alarms in windy conditions and when vegetation sways. It can discern between the movement of trees and plants and the movements of a potential intruder.

With its fixed bracket, you can mount two sensors back-to-back, providing a 24-meter range and 180-degree volumetric coverage—an ideal choice for securing fences and narrow areas.

Contacts and Shocks

The next piece of the multi-layered approach puzzle is magnetic contacts.

Magnetic contacts provide a reliable means to monitor doors and windows for suspicious activity.

An invaluable addition for securing property perimeters is the MCEXTERNAL-WE; our IP66-rated contact used for safeguarding gates, outbuildings, sheds and more. The moment a door swings open, instant push notifications via our app keep users in the know. The device can be seamlessly integrated with cameras to deliver video verification, creating yet another layer of security that allows users to take preventative action as soon as possible.

Next up, it’s time to enhance the internal perimeter.

The NANO/SHOCK-WE attaches to potentially vulnerable access points, such as a window or door, and detects any force being used with its inbuilt accelerometer. The NANO/SHOCK-WE has the ability to trigger alarms before an intruder has the opportunity to enter the property, making it an ideal product for perimeter protection.

Further improve security coverage inside the home with the MCNANO-WE.

The MCNANO-WE is our smallest wireless magnetic contact to date, covertly protecting entrances without ruining the aesthetics. It can be hidden within uPVC frames and features a conformally coated PCB, ensuring electronic component stability and longevity, even in changing environments. The device has multiple uses and can be used in doors, windows, and even medicine cupboards, cleaning rooms, desk drawers and more!

Video surveillance

In a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to security, it’s crucial not to overlook the often-neglected areas, like the driveway. This is where video surveillance and security lighting can come in really handy.

When it comes to properties already equipped with outdoor lighting, the LightCamera presents an enticing upgrade opportunity. It can be seamlessly added as a standalone solution or integrated into the Enforcer V11 system. This not only enhances property illumination and puts potential intruders in the spotlight but also bolsters active defence with features like voice push notifications, video verification, and more. Equipped with a 270-degree PIR sensor, it delivers continuous omnidirectional protection, while its 1080p Full-HD video ensures clear and crisp images day and night, empowering users with the visual confirmation needed to take prompt action.

Meanwhile, the DoorbellCam combines durability and convenience to offer essential main-entrance protection and two-way communication. Powered by a 6700 mAh battery, the doorbell camera boasts Full HD video, a 130-degree wide-angle view, motion detection, real-time notifications, and a push-to-talk function. Users can monitor doorstep activity and engage with visitors, even when they’re away from home via HomeControl2.0. Adding the DoorbellChime to the system allows users to hear the bell ringing, no matter where they are in the house.

Security can be enhanced even further with the BatteryCam, our indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi camera. The easy-to-install BatteryCam offers an ideal solution for safeguarding vulnerable areas and blind spots. The BatteryCam features a Full-HD, 130-degree lens that automatically starts recording when it detects motion via its on-board PIR sensor, and you can conveniently access all recorded videos through the HomeControl2.0 app. The camera extends its functionality with a Night Mode, perfect for dark nights, and the optional SolarPanel guarantees year-round, full device charge.

Incorporating perimeter protection into your security strategy is essential to ensure early detection and deter potential intruders long before they reach your front door. Pyronix offers a comprehensive multi-layered approach to security that empowers homeowners to take prompt action, enhancing their safety and peace of mind.

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