Protecting properties in winter with a multi-layered approach

Winter brings not only colder temperatures but also unique challenges to property security; the weather is harsher, nights are longer and visibility is lower- and the need for comprehensive security solutions becomes even more essential.

One way to improve your security set-up for winter is to adopt a multi-layered approach. Layering up your system involves implementing multiple security measures to create a complete and robust defence against potential threats; ensuring that even if one layer is compromised, others remain intact, providing increased protection for your customers’ properties.

Designed to cover every security need, we offer an extensive range of products suitable for layering up and tackling the challenges of winter.

Our outdoor detectors, like the XDL12TT-WE, are equipped to handle the complexities of the outside environment in winter. With an IP55 rating, the XDL12TT-WE two-way wireless detector remains operational in varying temperatures and weather conditions; and its anti-sway analytics feature can distinguish between movements such as swaying trees and potential intruder activity, reducing false alarms during windy weather.

Monitoring access points, like gates and garage doors, can stop intruders in their tracks before they have a chance to cross a property’s perimeter. The MCEXTERNAL-WE, our outdoor magnetic contact with an IP66 rating, provides an additional, weatherproof layer of perimeter security for your customers. As soon as a gate or door is opened, users are alerted to a potential threat with push notifications via HomeControl2.0, allowing them to take preventative action as soon as possible.

Installing our LightCamera serves a dual purpose during winter—providing outdoor illumination and capturing high-quality video footage. With a 270-degree PIR sensor and Full-HD video capabilities, it not only acts as a deterrent but also offers visual confirmation when triggered, allowing users to take prompt action.

Moving inside the property, protection can be improved with our internal magnetic contacts and shocks, like the NanoShock and MCNANO-WE. The NanoShock is a Grade 2 accelerometer device with an excellent wireless range and long battery life, making it suitable to see you through the winter and beyond. Meanwhile, the MCNANO-WE has been designed to fit inside uPVC frames to detect the opening of doors and windows, alerting users to intruders before they have entered the property. Both devices offer reliable protection against intrusions, contributing to a more robust security strategy.

As winter nights bring longer periods of darkness, our SmartPlug comes in handy for adding an extra layer of security with home automation. Linked with our other perimeter security devices, it can switch on lamps and perform other functions when triggered. This not only provides a visible deterrent but also ensures that the property remains well-lit, discouraging potential threats.

Don’t just stop at protecting the property, secure vehicles on the driveway with our award-winning CarDefender. Designed to combat rising cases of vehicle theft and deter criminals, the CarDefender works in conjunction with the alarm system to detect shock and tilt. With the device installed, users are given early warning in the event of an attempted intrusion, allowing them to take action as soon as possible.

Of course, the heart of any security system is the control panel; and our Enforcer V11 fits the bill as a versatile, all-encompassing solution. The award-winning Enforcer V11 offers flexibility with up to 64 wireless zones, making it suitable for a diverse range of security needs across both residential and commercial. With an easy connection to existing routers through Wi-Fi, users can control and manage the system through HomeControl2.0.

Adopting a multi-layered approach to property security is crucial, especially during winter months when conditions become more challenging. By layering up security solutions with a variety of internal and external perimeter products, you create a comprehensive solution for your customers.

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