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Enforcer Arming Station Kit 2


A comprehensive security bundle with the Enforcer V11 and related peripherals, including PIRs designed to protect up to two rooms, along with a magnetic contact to secure an entry point and two keyfobs for multi-function actions. Additionally, it includes a wireless bell module, just add a Deltabell base and lid to complete a Grade 2 installation.

Key Features
  • Hybrid 66 zone, 4 area control panel
  • Wi-Fi onboard
  • Code, pin, remote keyfob, and app arming/disarming options

Product Features

Wi-Fi module included

The Wi-Fi modem is already on board, meaning there is no additional Wi-Fi modem in the modem slot. The panel is Wi-Fi enabled out of the box and allows for an additional communicator, giving you even more communications options.

An all-in-one security solution

Enforcer V11 expands and enhances system application capabilities further than ever before, with a range of new and innovative features that practically covers any installation requirement.

The most advanced Pyronix system released to date delivers real added-value with every installation. Install security, video and automation that can be tailored, controlled, scheduled and delivered for any user preferences. The Enforcer V11 system is all you need.

HomeControlHUB and AndroidTablet compatible

Control the Enforcer V11 security system with our AndroidTablet and HomeControlHUB app for Android, giving unparalleled control over security, video and automation.

Multiple communications

With Wi-Fi communications on board as standard, the Enforcer V11 delivers app compatibility straight out of the box, offering fast and efficient connectivity to the user’s existing router.

Additional communication paths can then be added for simultaneous messaging to both the app and an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via separate paths; maximising coverage for ultimate peace of mind.

Digital WPS button

The Enforcer V11 supports WPS for simplifying the Wi-Fi setup. With a push of the WPS button, the system can be paired with the router; increasing efficiency and convenience.

Selectable supervision per zone

Unsupervised zones can be set up with the Enforcer V11 to add security devices on cars, vans and caravans, delivering unprecedented security coverage without risking false alarms.

Occupancy detector zone attribute

With the Enforcer V11, occupancy timers on zones can be set up to protect vulnerable family members. Timers can be set to generate a specific response such as an SMS, push notification, or even a notification to an ARC if no movement has been detected.

Recurring revenue and retention

Establish recurring revenue and increase customer retention by offering PyronixCloud management services. These additional services can be managed by you or access can be passed to the user.*

No need for on-site IT configuration

As the Enforcer V11 is connected through a cloud server, there is no need to set up static IP addresses or configure the network connection on-site; instead simply set up an account on PyronixCloud.com.

HD video monitoring on HomeControlHUB

View up to 16 cameras on our HomeControlHUB app for live monitoring of the property. Existing cameras can be connected with a logged in ProControl+ or Hik-Connect account.

Complete control from anywhere

Remotely set and unset the system, get system status updates and receive custom push and voice notifications from any event.

Fully menu-driven programming

Navigate easily through the menus of the Enforcer V11 with uniform menu-driven programming. Simple ‘YES/NO’ questions allow fast and efficient installing to save both time and money.

HomeControl2.0 compatible

HomeControl 2.0 makes controlling and managing alarm systems fast and easy. Offering unparalleled control over home security, the iOS™ and Android™ app features geofence arming and disarming alerts, enhanced biometric login, and many other convenient features.

*Please Note: The PyronixCloud platform is a yearly subscription service and charges do apply. For more information please contact your installer or your dedicated account manager.

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